Thursday, July 25, 2013

Annalee's desperate decision

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            Cremoe lopped over to the new comers, bowed to them, then fluttered up several feet to converse with them quietly face to face.
            Annalee screamed to them, “Save him!” but they ignored her.
Annalee, you must keep your manners with the Kaqtukaq. Innu fearfully mind-spoke. They are majestic and proper.  Disrespecting them makes them dangerous.
Anewj moaned, then shrieked in pain.
“If you save him, I will reward you!” Annalee screamed.
            The conversation halted. Cremoe turned to Innu and Annalee, his eyes wide in fright. The larger of the Kaqtukaqs stepped forward and knelt beside her.
            “Moon daughter, what have you to give to us?”
            Annalee frantically searched her own mind for anything she could think of to give to them.
            “My Wonderstone! I will give you my Wonderstone!” she spat out the words and regretted them the moment they hit her ears.

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