Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Write, Er-- Do What You Love

It's a bit cliche to say that you should do what you love right? But a first hand smack in the face with depression had me reeling from the fact that I was doing everything for everyone else, and nothing for myself. It's a bad tendency of moms to do this, especially when our children are young. But a wise counselor told me that find true joy in your life makes you a better mom, and love for your family flows from the joy you have in the things you do by yourself that inspire you. After that sunk in, I started to write again.

And I haven't stopped.

Since then, God has taken me one step further with this truth: to write what I love. And I think its safe to say that my first published work will be a children's fantasy chapter book. I love the art of weaving a story of wonder and imagination, and the thought of children delighting in the story, laughing and eager to read more, makes my soul soar.

What do you love to do? Are you making the time to do it?

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