Thursday, August 1, 2013

August: My month of Attainment

The first day of each month, I examine life and have a serious chat with myself and God. In this way I set goals, make commitments to work on certain aspects of my life or my character, and decide how best to prioritize my time. This month is going to be fun... and crazy! Big goals and big dreams seem to be on the list.

My biggest and most exciting one is to complete my novel's manuscript by the 15th. That is a lot of writing. I have completed 12 chapters, or roughly half my book, since May. So basicly, I want to condense three months of work into two weeks. Absurd? Probably. Realistic? I think so. Doing it on my own? Not gonna happen! So I would like to propose an agreement with my fans and readers. You encourage me to write via my facebook page and I will keep posting tidbits of my writing here on my blog for you to follow the story and make suggestions. Then all that's left is to figure out a good title.

And in case anyone is wondering, Anewj has just awoken from the infecting leg wound from the Lox and Annalee just gave up her Wonderstone.

Please feel free to comment below if you are looking forward to reading the rest of "Wuzzle."

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