Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Last week, I experienced a horrendous blow.  Apparently, as I wrote my novel, my subconscious borrowed WUZZLE from a 1980s Disney cartoon show with a copyright. Upon discovering this, I mourned and pouted for a few days. It's amazing how having to rename a main character feels like killing him.

But then my husband snapped me out of it with some tough-love style encouragement. Enlisting the help of friends and family via facebook, we renamed the creatures Gamooch, part of the word for rabbit in Micmac language. It took some getting used to, but by the time I finished writing Annalee's adventure, it felt close to normal to use it in the text.  Lesson learned: web search any "unique" names in your novel before you write it.  One more reason outlining might be worth considering.

So the good news is the novel is written and somewhat edited. I have submitted it to my writing group for full critique and will get more details back at the September 23rd meeting.

The better news is that while researching literary agents, I found one that I feel like will be a great fit. Against the suggestions of every querying blog and website I have read, and following my heart for once, I submitted her a query and the first 10 pages of my book.  To my writer friends and followers: don't freak out! I spent most of the weekend super editing those 10 pages and getting my query up to the agency's snuff.  They have 8-10 weeks to get back to me, and in the meantime I get to keep editing and cutting away at the rest of the manuscript. Once my writer's group gets back to me, I can put the finishing touches on the novel. And if this agency doesn't work out, I have a few more I am looking into that I can submit to late September.

Make it a great rest-of-the-week everyone!

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  1. So proud that you took such a big deal as a challenge and not a defeat! The future holds great things for you my daughter. Keep on writing and make your dreams come true.