Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Evolving with each second guess

As a new writer, its common  to doubt my abilities. Rejection is part of the writing experience, or so says every person involved in the industry. But when I haven't gotten much positive feedback from professionals, it can be disheartening. Another rejection email for MOON DAUGHTER caught up with me on the road to California this weekend. Three out of four may be a good batting average, or so my husband encouraged me, but I can't help thinking its only a matter of time until the fourth arrives.  I chided myself for this mental attitude and began troubleshooting the possibilities.

The three rejections could mean one of several things: 1) my story is horribly written or I didn't get the moral/ plot arc clearly enough written to engage an agent or publisher, 2) My query letter is weak and doesn't give the story enough enticement, or 3) I am just not getting it to the right agent at the right time.  And I believe all three are relatively correct. So I have taken a step back and am just going to await some critique before I rewrite it AND I am going to keep growing the list of agents I will send it to when it is pristine.  In the meantime, SAMANA'S FLAIR is taking form a few scenes at a time. I am really looking forward to start sharing some of them with my readers!

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