Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What's my excuse now?

One of my current biggest hopes has come to pass.  At the same time, the hope dashed one of my biggest excuses to NOT write.

My two year old slept through the night in her own bed. I just got the best seven hours of long, deep, perpetual sleep of my life.  I am using my gift for theatrics a bit here.  But seriously, what will be my excuse now when I only manage to write a thousand words each day for NaNo?  I should be able to double my word count with this much energy and concentration. In fact, why am I even writing this blog?

Actually it's for you!

Somebody has to tell you about my story and the response it got from my critique group last night.  So real quick before I dive back into the manuscript, here are some highlights:

- Dom fights like a girl
- More slang or less for Dom's character
- Might not start with enough drama for the current generation of readers
- Plot/ story question not obvious or revealed soon enough

Now I am really fighting my inner editor, because all I want to do is backpedal and start correcting via these suggestions. But NANO is all about moving forward, so I am just going to jump back into the scene I am currently writing and make sure Rosie the dog doesn't die from her seizure.

In the mean time, consider this question: How mature enough is Dom to make the right decision when faced with guilt versus fear? Will he tell what he saw or let an innocent man go to prison?

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