Saturday, December 28, 2013

Prepping for 2014: Contests, critiques, and accountability

WOW, my brain is still buzzing from the whirlwind of Christmas. Or maybe its the eggnog. Either way, it was wonderful to have my parents in town and celebrate our savior's birth and the end of a wonderful year.

But Emily, you say, its only December 28th! That is true, but I am already focusing on 2014, setting up myself for success. The first step is entering MOON DAUGHTER RISING in another contest, Sun vs. Snow. A chance for my query to shine and MDR's first pages to snag some attention.  For all my writing friends, check out more on the contest here:

The next set up for success is something I can't take all the credit for. I managed to meet, net stalk and eventually snag an awesome new critique partner! Everybody wave and shout out to Libby Webber (check out her website here).  She had been helping me whip several of my manuscripts into shape, and I have been returning the favor.

What else can I do to give 2014 the jump start it needs? Write! Pound the keyboard until my fingers tingle and my eyes cross.  And I need the accountability. So can all of my friends and family just swing by my facebook page or blog and simply ask once and a while "What have you written lately?"  That will help a lot!

Merry belated Christmas to you all, and a writely new year!

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