Thursday, January 23, 2014

A month! What's in a month?

A lot can happen in a month. An entire life can change for the better or worst in a moment, and a month is full of moments. Therefore, a life's course can change mightily in a month.

Mine hasn't.

Well, that's not entirely accurate.  I guess I could say that my life hasn't changed drastically or in any of the ways I hoped it would, such as getting a literary agent or selling half of what I own before the big move in march.

But boy have I worked hard toward the changes I want to happen!  I have edited and rewritten MOON DAUGHTER RISING and submitted it to another contest, Sun vs. Snow.  We didn't get chosen, (CONGRATS to all who did though!) but each thing I enter Annalee in makes me feel like I am inching closer to grabbing someone's interest, be that an agent or editor or publisher.  I have rewritten the query in preparation of submitting to more agents in February, and feel more intimate with the manuscript then ever before.

I have also connected super strongly to my critique partner, and Libby has become a friend.  Editing her work and emailing her is peeking into her heart and discovering gold.  And editing is helping my writing become stronger too.

This month, I have finally dived into my third novel, and will start teasing my reader's with  excerpts (see below).  SAMANA'S FLAIR is going to be a YA project written in a way I have never considered before, and I send a special shout out to Writer's for Pete's Sake Group for encouraging me thus.

I have also finally gotten a glimpse of the creativity in journalism I craved in college.  It always felt like a dried bone sort of writing, but Mridu's blog became a treasure trove of information that has me sure I can get published in this field and enjoy it.

In the non writing department, my bathroom is getting fixed, I just painted my kitchen in a sunny yellow and packing boxes isn't on my radar. But I wouldn't mind taping up my kiddos!

Thanks for reading this post! Please check out my latest piece below and give me any feedback you might have!

“Thank you, King Ropay,” the man said with a smile and walked backward out the way he had come.  As soon as the door closed, the monarch sighed and swept off his chair toward a side door.

            However, the wide girth of his clerk intercepted his escape.  “Sire, you still have two patrons waiting for your ear and your master overseer is here to discuss—“

            “No!” the King Ropay shouted, and then mastered himself with a deep breath. “No,” he expressed, “thank you for reminding me of my duties. Please tell the visitors that I am in need of the father’s balanced wisdom and will meet with them first thing tomorrow.  See that they stay in the Keep tonight and are fed well.  I am headed to the alter house.”

            “Yes, Sire. And your foreman?”

            “Tell him to meet me in the dining hall in two hours.”

            The nimble leader danced around his road block and rushed down the hallway toward the alighted arch which led to the gardens.  His man Mavey, a tall and silent stone of a servant, awaited him there, a cup of brew steaming on a simple tray in his hand.  The king removed his cap and shirt, laid them over the manservant’s arm, and sipped at the hot drink offered him.

            “Privacy, Mavey,” he stated, and received a nod in return.

            Nearly nothing did the king’s heart more good than the refreshing walk through his garden.  It boasted the only lush landscape in the entire world: twined in vines, adorned in ornamental grasses, and bedded in floral design, fragrant all.