Monday, March 31, 2014

And then there was April

So now that I have managed to settle into a Wyoming existence, I can refocus on my writing.  That is to say that I am making some big decisions.  Every day or so of March I got a rejection on MOON DAUGHTER RISING, getting my total up in the neighborhood of 80 including the one that asked for pages.  After some hard questions with my critique partner, I have decided to shelve Annalee for a time and let the story stew. Maybe its just not ready yet, and I've heard sometimes an author's first one is just too immature to go anywhere.

In a closely related conversation with Libby, I set some small but manageable goals for my writing and hers. April will the month of small steps toward a bigger purpose.  And in addition to our commitment, I am adding a few more for myself.

1). 30 minutes per day of writing new material, especially on my work in progress SAMANA'S FLAIR and cheering Libby to do the same.

2) 30 minutes per day of editing DOM SANDERS back into a realistic word count and logical flow of story. Yesterday I finally decided to try out a suggested exercise of writing scenes on flash cards so I can play with the order.  I think the murder needs to come sooner in the story and that will add some drama and tension to the rest of his subplots.

3) Weekly blog posts.  Even if its just a quick post on what I haven't accomplished this week.

4) Write some short pieces for a few contests.

5) Finish my journalism e-course, which the move managed to knock incredibly off course mid March.

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways, I just hope that time will be another one this month.

Cheers to all my writerly friends!

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