Friday, March 7, 2014

My Crash Course in Published Journalism

Learning journalism from a professional is so much different than college classes, and I was honored to be the protege of Mridu Khullar Relph.  In her ecourse, she showed me the creative side of journalism.  I changed my journalism major because that type of writing felt dry to me.  But in a matter of weeks, I found myself enjoying not only the story idea generating, but the querying process. And because she forced me to face my fear of rejection and just put myself out there, I got my first paid assignment.

I am so thankful to the editor of and her kindness as she lead me through the process for the first time.  I am also overwhelmed by the experience: writing, editing, rewriting, the paperwork involved in getting paid, seeing my work posted, and the readers' responses (all 300+ of them!).

Speaking of responses, here is mine to some of the comments on my article How to Totally NOT get the Sex you want.

-My husband isn't gay, nor is there some abusive streak in him. He simply doesn't need sex as often as I do. And my actions in the situations I wrote about did make him feel disrespected, which multiplied the problem. But once we spoke honestly, that disrespect stopped.

-I don't like the mustache either. It was a phase. I have convinced him to remove it. :)

- My religion had a much bigger play in the situation, but I DID know my audience so I didn't write as much of that into the article for

- I said my husband and I don't believe in divorce no matter what for US. I know he would never abuse me, and if he did I would be gone. NOT divorced, just gone, removing myself and my children from the situation.

-When I said that when we do make love its epic, I meant it. When a healthy man has had sex in a while and his wife is treating him with respect, its a turn on. That means that when he engages, eager for pleasure and me, it is a wonderful experience. I believe that is how GOD designed it. :)

Thanks again for everyone that encouraged and cheered me on, and those that were a part of this experience with me, good and bad.  It had given me confidence to continue to write and follow my dream.

Now if I can just sell a novel or two. :)

Happy Friday!

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