Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ask me Anything, Round Two (#pitchwarsAMA)

I'm excited to be sharing more about myself thanks to being tagged once again for #pitchwarsAMA by the lovely @EmmaleeAple. If you don't know her, get going to her twitter page and say I sent you. Go on, right now! Then come back and read my second and much funnier round of "Ask Me Anything" answers.

@JennyleeSD asked: What's a book you absolutely hated, but taught you something very important about writing?

I don't know that I've ever HATED a book... let me think on this a bit.

Okay, I'm back. The only thing I could come up with is Jane Eyre. I eventually came to love it, but it took three attempts to read it all the way through. It made me realize that concise writing will hold the reader's interest longer then beautiful, drawn out prose and long, fancy sentences.

@LiseFrac asked: Do you like peas?

The short answer: Only fresh or frozen ones.

The long answer: I like peas a lot! We grew them in our garden when we lived in Washington. There is something to be said about eating sunshine-warmed peas literally right out of the shell. When I use frozen peas, my favorite dish is Risi e Bisi, which is an Italian dish with peas, rice, parmesan cheese, and nutmeg. Mmmmmm, so good.

I do NOT, however, endorse canned peas in any way, shape, or form. They destroy any dish they're put in with their mushy texture and awkward metallic taste. Ew, ew, ew! Same goes for spinach. Popeye has issues.

@liseFrac asked: What are your thoughts on chapter breaks? I've read that breaks should be natural, chapter should be self-contained unit, but that never works for me.

In all three of my manuscripts, chapter breaks have come easily for me. With both my first and second manuscript, I intentionally wrote each chapter break with a  cliff hanger. In my current work-in-progress, chapter breaks are just change in POV, but I still try to leave a subtle cliff hanger. In my opinion, that is the best way to do it.

I've never had a problem with a novel whose chapter lengths are varied, as long as the reader's age is taken into consideration. Remember, the main purpose of a chapter break is keep the reader interested enough to read the next chapter.

@raballard asked: How long have you been crazy? (I.e. how long have you been SERIOUS bout writing, like dead serious)

I got serious about writing April last year. I had some serious depression going on, and anger issues with my children. I decided to see a therapist. Once I spewed my story in blubbering fashion, she asked me a simple question: What was I doing for myself? I just looked at her funny because it had been so long since I'd even thought about it. Then she asked me what I loved to do. And writing was the first thing that came to mind.

Within a week, I'd started to novel drafts and began researching freelancing work. The rest is a very short history of rewriting, querying too soon, and online writer contests! :~D

And the most important question asked was....

@EmmaleeAple asked: Alright,what would you do with a fedora,a red velvet jumpsuit, marshmallow fluff, a donkey, three bicycles & a desert island?

In real life: I'd wear the fedora and ride one of the bicycles pulling the rest to Washington State, where I'd visit my friend Jeff who loves marshmallow fluff, and dress the donkey in the red velvet jumpsuit before sending him to a desert island as far away as possible.

If I wrote a novel: I'm pretty sure it would be about a very early circus, with velvet clothed clowns falling into marshmallow fluff, and fedora wearing donkeys riding bicycles. Not entirely sure where the desert island would fit in. Maybe the talented high wire-ist would be from one.


 And then....

#pitchwarsAMA has been a wonderful way to really get to know the other contestants, so I hope that it will keep going all the way to September 3rd! I'm going to pick the next lucky person to take part. (If you need a place to post, I'd be more than happy to host you on my blog.)

Without further ado, I tag.......

@liseFrac!!!! :~D

Looking forward to your answers!

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  1. I love your answer to the last question! I don't like peas myself, but we won't let that come between us ;)