Monday, August 18, 2014

Why you want to mentor me in Pitchwars (#pimpmybio)



(For all my regular readers, bare with me as I post this bio for my most recent writing contest.)
Everyone else, and especially any mentors checking me out and wondering if I am the person they may like to work with, welcome to my #pitchwars #pimpmybio post! I'm glad you stopped by. I hope this gives you a taste of who I am and helps you decide in my favor as your lucky mentee. And if not, we can still be friends.

About Me


Hi there. *Waves*. Most people participating in the Pitchwars writing contest know me as E.G. Moore, but my friends call me Emily. I'm pensive, but loud. I'm thoughful, but tactless. I'm hardworking, but know when to take a break. And I know that pitchwars isn't that time.

My family includes my husband, a recent U.S. Navy veteran who can make me laugh no matter the circumstances, my two daughters Mikayla and Brylie, two hyper doggies, and a very vengeful cat.

My love of telling stories goes back forever to the "owl that says ruff my mom recorded on a cassette tape. But I didn't start really taking my writing seriously until a bout with depression had me grabbing for the things I loved most. And I haven't stopped since.

My day jobs include waitressing, chauffering, nanny-ing, cooking, cleaning, errand running, accounts receivable and payable, researcher. Oh alright, I'm really a mom and in between all these faucets of motherhood, I freelance blog and web content, and ghostwrite cookbooks. 

Determined as the Wind


The subtitle above isn't just pretty words. My commitment to a cause has served me well over the years, including top jerky saleswoman in junior high school, Miss Trinity 2004, U.S. Navy Family Readiness Group Coordinator, and Moms of Preschoolers Group leader. When I want something, I go for it skull, center, and soul. Pitchwars is no exception. I've not just entered, I've participated in both the learning part and the neurosis twice, as well as half a dozen other query and pitch contests. I want to be a published author, and if you are willing to work with me, I can guarantee that desire will make me the hardest working mentee you've ever helped.

Six More Random Reasons, Just in Case You're Not Convinced Yet

1. I've moved almost a dozen times in my 28 years. Sometimes by plane, sometimes by car. Once or twice alone, and always with a smile. These experiences have created fodder for my stories.

2. I'm semi-fluent in Spanish and know a tad of Italian. If you need an interpreter on ANY trip to Spain or Italy, please call me ASAP. My schedule will open up.

3. I've never really been into music or television. But let's talk about books because I guarantee we will find at least six first loves to talk about for hours.

4. I'm native to California, and no I didn't walk the beach every day of my childhood. I'm from a small mountain town in Northern California. I don't mean San Fransisco. The state capital is further north than that, just so you know.

5. My concern for the earth we live on and our impact on it is real. I'm very aware and careful about what my family eats, wears, and uses on and in their body. I love reusing and recycling. I'm not a tree hugger, I just believe in a cleaner, safer world and I am more than happy to tell you about it.

6. I have a fascination with cultures. You'll especially notice Native American elements in most of my works, even if subtle.

My Novel's Inspiration


Just like in LITTLE WOMEN, I've found that writing what I know is the key to authenticity. My entry for Pitchwars stems very much from that. ROWDY DAYS OF DOM SANDERS is a contemporary middle grade retelling of THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER based on my husband's scarce upbringing and our friendship growing up. (And in case any of my romance writing friends are wondering, no we weren't high school sweethearts.) I've been told it feels real with punchy MG voice and the perfect country setting. All I know is that I feel transported to my childhood when I edit it or relive a scene. And that is the sort of reading experience I want to give to young readers with all my books.

Pick me, Pick me!


And here's where I beg. I really want to experience Pitchwars as a finalist and find an agent for DOM. I love this book and I want a mentor and agent as crazy about it as I am. I'm not afraid to shred up the manuscript and bolster its full potential from the ground up. I am open and ready for criticism in all its forms. I'm looking for a mentor who will obsess with me, become a friend all the way to publication, and maybe, just maybe even meet in person some day. Feel free to check out my social media from the links below:
Tweet @egmoorewriter

And if all this doesn't convince you, well then I'm not above bribing. Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding. But seriously, I have tequila floats and dove squares. Ask any of the other #pitchwars contestants. They'll tell you.


  1. Hi Emily! I'm really intrigued by your novel--I do love a good retelling.

    I also relate to being less interested in TV or music, as I feel like my lack of interest in "typical" geek interests and my bio's lack of Doctor Who gifs makes me the fake geek girl ;) I'll continue to fangirl over my favorite authors, instead!

    Best of luck to you in Pitch Wars!

  2. Your premise and setting sound fabulous -- hopefully I'll see it on the shelves one day. Wishing you the best.

  3. I love retellings and I write MG contemporary, too! Best of luck in the contest.

  4. Tom Sawyer is one of my favorite books. I've had my copy since I was 9 and it's well-worn. :-D

    Good luck in Pitch Wars!!

  5. I enjoyed your first 250. Great MG voice! I'm a total tree-hugger and attempt to recycle everything from empty tictac boxes to the cardboard toilet rolls. >:D

  6. I'm super late to the scene here but had to stop by to say hi to a fellow Laramie writer. Native American elements... now I want to read more. I have a fascination with cultures too, Native American being one definitely!