Friday, September 26, 2014

Query Helper Giveaway Now!

Hello all and welcome back! It's that time again...

Query Helper Time!

The first five people to comment with an answer to the question below will get a query critique this weekend. I'll do my best to get the first round back by Sunday. Be sure to check out The Query Helper page for participate testimonials on my help! (If nothing else, you'll get excited!)

So tell me...

Do you have a genre or age group you'd like to write in, but don't feel like you could? Why or why not?

Be sure to leave your email address in your comment!


  1. Romance in the classic sense - All my stories need to have romantic elements, but I struggle writing romance as a main plot and I find the necessity of a "happy for now" ending stifling.

    1. Forgot the email.

  2. Adult fantasy. I have a shorter more clipped style which suits children fine, but I'm afraid if I went ahead and tried to write adult fantasy, I wouldn't be able to ever meet a reasonable word count. Or have the vocabulary range.

    email :

  3. Hard sci-fi. I like science and what ifs, but I also like string theory, quantum mechanics and other theories that tend to be blown off by hard core sci-fi fans. I might as well be writing about unicorns and elves.

  4. I've written in quite a few genres but I long to write in magical realism and steampunk but every time I do, it doesn't work. My email is:

  5. I'm a fantasy writer, and I'm dabbling in YA Contemporary for the first time. It's going pretty well, but fantasy is my first love! Email:

  6. I wish I had the talent to write proper good fantasy, but there's no way I could all those plots and characters straight in my head. I would LOVE to write historical fiction like Geraldine Brooks. But I know my limits :)