Monday, September 8, 2014

Query Helper: Look for the bonus!

As promised, today's the next session of Query Helper!

Why today? Mostly because I love my Pitchwars peeps, and this giveaway is just in time for tomorrow's Pitch Madness! We want to have some serious awesome to send to the agents cool enough to favorite our pitches! For more info on Pitch Madness, click here.

I'll critique the queries of the first five people that comment on this post with their email, and who answer this question:

If you had to choose between Wizards, Genies,or Unicorns, which would you choose and why?

But it gets better! Because you know what? The first person to respond will also get the bonus of help with twitter pitches if they need it!

DON'T FORGET to leave your email address, or I can't guarantee that I will get query in time to critique it by tonight!

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  1. I'd go w/ Wizards--cause I'm a Gandalf nerd. He's the character that really sucked me into LotR, and I think he's the best character JRRT created. Thanks for offering the Query Helper.

  2. Wizards,obviously. Genies are little two-faced bitches who'll trick you into wishing things you don't want and unicorns are just horses with a horn. I can make those already! :P

  3. Just to be contrary I'll go with unicorns. I mean every little girl dreams of those magical animals almost as much as her fairy tale prince. (Both are make-believe so there you go!)

  4. I'd go with a unicorn. They are a beauty to behold, intelligent, have a healing horn and telepathic abilities but don't get too close or their blood will get you. They are paradoxical creatures :) Thanks for the offer of a query critique.

  5. Genies because I want him/her to grant my wishes!

  6. Well, I missed the first 5 but wizards rule, genies drool! LOL! If you were a wizard you get to make all the spells, potions, and magic you want. Plus, you get to wear some pretty tripping outfits. Genies only get three wishes, are in completely under the control of someone else, and their accommodations (a teeny, tiny lamp), leaves something to be desired. If you were a wizard seems like you could conjure up a unicorn or two, so that's a no-go on the horse with a horn. :-)

  7. Rats! I didn't make it. But this is pretty early for me to get up after barely sleeping last night so I'll take any achievement I can get it, lol. I would choose wizards as who wouldn't love to wield magic? Genies are cool but they can't grant their own wishes. They're always a slave to others, never being truly free which would be too sad and what's the fun in that? Unicorns are pretty majestic beings whose horn is suppose to be useful in killing diseases (from what I read once) but other than that and their affiliation with rainbows, is there anything else they can do? So I'm wizards all the way and then I could do the work of all three combined. I could place a horn on my head and go around granting other people's wishes with my spells and make chocolate cake and ice cream appear whenever i want. :D