Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Will Dom and I be the #noQs twitter party poopers?

Once again, I've thrown Dom into a contest ring with the hope of getting him in front of just the right agent or editor. Of course, we've done some traditional querying and am awaiting to hear some Pitch Madness requesters' responses. But I adore Michelle Hauck and she's worked hard for years on contests, including "Nightmare on Query Street." Plus, I know she has a secret crush on Dom. (Which really only lessens my chances since she can't pick favorites).

Even though I'm excited to participate, I have a problem. There is a very good chance my main character and I will be the poopers of the twitter party all week while we await the coveted spots and agent round if we get that far. Here's the twitter party line up:

10.15.2014 (Submission Day!): Title of your book and the time you emailed it.

10.16.2014: If I knocked on your MC's front door on Halloween, would I get a trick or a treat?

10.17.2014: What is your MC going to be for Halloween?

10.18.2014: Your MC goes on a haunted hayride. What would make him/her scream the loudest?

10.19.2014: If your MC could pull one prank on Halloween and not get caught, what would it be?

10.20.2014: What would your antagonist do for Halloween? 

10.21.2014: What scary setting will your MC be in on Halloween? Will they be hiding under a bed or prancing around a graveyard?

 10.22.2014: What is your MC's favorite scary movie or would they watch a scary movie?

But you see, both Dom and I, and our families, don't celebrate Halloween.

In Dom's case, it's a religious thing. His parents don't want him or his brother participating in something that they feel is detrimental to his spiritual well-being. He's already naughty and a trickster. There's no point in encouraging him.

As for me and my house, it's a mix of things that leads us not into participation. We made the decision as a family a few years ago. Yes, its implications can run against the grain of our belief in God and against the devil (a whole book can be written about how it is or is not, and its been done over and over and over again). But for us, the big push came when we realized how much it was feeding our children's attitudes of selfishness and entitlement. Nope, not going to let that happen. So we just stay home together and enjoy each other's company. Also, I am a wimp. I can't even turn on the T.V. this time of year. The commercials for the movies that will play soon give me nightmares.

So I guess I will just have to answer the above questions as best I can and hope it's not a repeat of "He doesn't participate."

Regardless, I still love this contest and will be favoriting all the answers!


  1. Thanks for posting this, Emily! It's an interesting perspective and I wish you and Dom well in the contest.


  2. Good luck in the contest, Emily!! I'm one of your fellow contestants. Dom sounds like such an interesting character—can't wait to *hopefully* read more about him. :)