Saturday, November 22, 2014

A bit of fun: 8 Terrible Titles

I volunteered to take part in a fun blog hop where essentially I just flip through my current manuscript and the first place my cursor lands, I need to take the phrase and that’s a new faux title for my book. Thanks Nikki Roberti for the amusement during my writing break. (Check out her hilarious post here.)

This sounds so fun, and I need a break from the carpoltunnel marathan I just cranked out to catch up on my #nanowrimo goal. So here are 8 TERRIBLE replacement titles for both ROWDY DAYS OF DOM SANDERS and SAMANA'S FLAIR.

  1. What a Great Idea
  2. Could have done
  3. My Heart could have Leapt (Wow, passive much?)
  4. Nolly Point Trail (an important part of the setting!)
  5. VFW Pancake Breakfast
  6. In the Crick So Long
  7. Tear the Motor Apart
  8. Blackness Below Me
  1. Flicked Sacred Water
  2. She Now Remembered
  3. Deepening the Lines
  4. Crawled Backward
  5. Some Mysterious Thing (Okay this one wins!)
  6. Not a Sunset Went By
  7. Smothering Weight
  8. Chewing Some Rabbit Meat
Which one do you like? Who else wants to play? Comment below please!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I'm not sure what type of story Chewing Some Rabbit Meat would be!?!?! But, I actually like a few of them. I like 6 in Samana's and 2.(can you tell I write women's fiction?) And I LOVE 8 in Dom. Blackness Below Me. It might not fit Dom's story at all, but maybe use it for another story :)
    Can I play along?

    1. Yes please do!!! I can't wait to read what you come up with!

  2. It's up. Fun to do.