Monday, January 5, 2015

3 Surprising Resolutions for 2015

Hello everyone!

The last quarter of 2014 swept me up into a polar vortex and didn't let go until well after new year's eve. I even started writing a blog post about not being back until after the Janurary 1st, but it never got finished or went live. So much for that warning.

But I'm back in full force now. Despite the page of personal and family resolutions made in the last few days, things my husband and I have discussed and prayed over, I found myself facing three small but simple writing resolutions I'd like to make. I thought I'd share them with you and maybe have you all hold me accountable.

1. Write My First Picture Book

I've had a wonderful little story bouncing around in my head since November. My daughters inspired it and its about my favorite childhood activity according to my mom: swinging. I really want to decide on an age group and write it in 2015. Maybe I won't get to sending it to agents, but we shall see.

2. Blog Regularly

I really enjoy writing freestyle on this blog, and in some of my freelancing I've also discovered that I love interviewing people. I'm going to make a plan to start writing weekly in some capacity starting with this post. I'd also like to give you one interview from someone in book world once a month.

I've also been asked to contribute monthly over at YAtopia, where I've been a blog assistant for a few months now. I'll be writing on the 2nd, so be sure to check it out! The other bloggers over there are awesome too, so consider subscribing for everything YA related.

3. Edit Samana's Flair Like a Boss

I don't often use slang in a public capacity, but this project may require it. Samana's Flair was half finished on November 1st. I finished it and started book two of the Flairian Tradition Series for National Novel Writing Month. It's bad, totally and completely rough in every meaning of the word. So horrible, in fact, that I haven't been able to bring myself to even start editing or reading through it because I know I'll spiral into Dyshiwi like a native wonderland and never return to earth.

But its a journey I need to take if I want to fill a much-needed void in YA literature. My comp titles for this book will probably be adult novels because I have yet to find any Young Adult books that feature Native American elements in this type of story. (If you know of any, please let me know so I can snag them and get some research reading in!) I'm hoping to have it ready to go by contest season. Sadly, I'll be missing out in Sun vs. Snow but I'll be cheering everyone on!

So these are my literary goals for 2015. I'm sure as the year progresses they will morph into other things, but in the mean time these give me a target. What are your word-related goals for this sparkly new year? Please share in the comments below!


  1. I can't wait to see what interviews you do! Happy New Year!

  2. Looking forward to the interviews. Good luck with all your resolutions. I'm not making resolutions as such, but I'd like to try and write, (even if it's only 100 words), every day. Oh, and I'm hoping to start querying "Shadows" come my birthday (March).