Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And the winners are.....

Thanks again to all eleven people that answered the riddle and, followed my blog, and to all the awesome people that retweeted about the giveaway and my interview post with Luan Pitsch. (Seriously, if you didn't read the interview, go do it right now!!!)

To those of you that didn't win, make sure you follow me on twitter and/or subscribe to my blog. I will be giving away critiques each month and you don't want to miss the reminder!

I could draw this out for a couple hundred words if I wanted to, but nobody has time for that! The #sunvsnow contest entry date is in a week and I've got to get cracking on three soon-to-be awesome query letters.

So the winners chosen by random.org are....

#5 Saratu Buhari

#7 Kristen Terrette

#9 Nicole Payne

I'll be getting in contact with you three shortly. I'm looking forward to helping you prime up those query letters for your publishing ventures!

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