Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If only writing a novel were this easy...

It's monday right? I don't know. I've been thinking its been Friday for like a week. Good thing my resolution was to blog once a week and not on a specific day huh? haha.

Just so you know this is NOT a "oops, I messed up my resolution to blog" post.

As some of you know (and some may not) I've been homeschooling my daughter since the end of November. Last week my daughter's Language Art class had her watch a short movie on writing a story. As each line was spoken, I found myself giggling.

"What's so funny mom?" Brylie asked. I only shook my head. If only it were that easy. Since I got a chuckle out of it, I thought I'd share it with you, and give insight into how simply it really speaks about the process of writing a novel.

"Think about your favorite story. What did you like about it? Have you ever written a story? Did you enjoy writing?

Today you will learn to be a better writer. You will learn how to write a story someone will want to read. I'm not sure anyone will want to read it, but....

First thing a writer does is think of things or topics to write about. Do this before actually writing a story. No, really?

Writing is like playing with building blocks. With each block you add, the tower gets taller and taller. Each step is like adding another block. What a metaphor!

First make a list of all the things you would like to write about, then chose one to write about. You mean I can't write about all of them?

Once you chose one to write about try one of these ideas to start writing.

  1. Draw a picture of what will happen.
  2. Make a web of what will happen in the story.
  3. List events in order.
  4. Make list of characters or places in your story.
  5. Decide what kind of problem your characters will have and decide how they will solve it.

An adult might be able to help you write down your thoughts. Because, you know, writers are just kids, or something.

If you don’t have a title for your story right away, it’s okay to wait.

Take ideas and put them into a story. Don’t worry about spelling or sentences. Just get your story down. Not sure I could write this rough the first draft? Do any of you?

After you write your story for the first time, it’s a good idea to take a small break from your writing. boy, is that the truth! Get more ideas or ways to change the story. When you are ready, ask family friends, other students, and teachers to read it and give you suggestions to make it better. Or just amazeballs CPs and beta readers!

Change story or add details. Is that what rewriting is?

Nobody’s story is perfect the first time it is written. Getting ideas from others will make you a better writer. Um, no. That's plagerism. Or, you know, super stupendous CPs!

Look at spelling and sentences. Make sure your story makes sense.yeah, that's pretty vital.

Read it aloud, your ear might hear what your eyes can’t see. I'm glad they are teaching her this. I read outloud to myself all the time.

Publish and share your story. If only it were so easy!

It’s important to finish it so you can share it with others. You may not always share your story but its important to finish it like you will. That way its ready if someone asks. Like an agent or editor?!?!?!"

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  1. I'm reading this on Wednesday, so I can't help you with the day of the week problem!

    What a classic! So simple. I can see why you'd be chuckling as your daughter watched.