Monday, May 25, 2015

Favorite Characters Blog Hop

A wonderful Ms. Megan Reyes tagged me for this fun character blog hop like, months ago. (So sorry Meg!) All I have to do is name ten of my favorite characters from movies or T.V. shows. I'm not an avid TV watcher, but I think I can do this easily enough. (I might have to start another one with fictional novel characters at some point, but I might have to list more then 10.)

Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes in Elementary 

Adelaide Kane as Mary in Reign 

Robert Carlyle as Rumpel in Once Upon A Time.

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannaster in Game of Thrones (This is NOT my favorite character when reading the books!)

Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma in Marvel's Agents of Shield.

Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan in Netflix's TV Series Marco Polo.

Bailey Chase as Branch Connally in Longmire.

Richard Armitage as John Thornton in BBC's TV drama Serial North and South. Have I ever mentioned  that I'm maybe, sort of, kinda addicted to all things BBC?

Ricky Whittle as Lincoln in The 100. This picture doesn't do Lincoln's character justice. Plus he's hot. Still waiting for the next season... I must know.

James Spader as Raymond Reddington in Blacklist. All I want to know if who's side he's really on, the bad guys, the good guys, or just Lizzie's?

See a couple trends here? Crime drama and historicals for sure, but also I have a thing for characters that have questionable loyalties and some twisted humor or witty personality.

Not sure who all has done this already as I've been out of touch with the movie. If any friends want to participate, just leave a comment with a link so I can come laugh and support.

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