Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Two Necessary Traits in Writers, plus Contest Period Extended

Hi All!

I warned about high emotional content in this blog post, but I'll reiterate it. I don't often talk about my personal life on here, but the last month has taught me a lot that I'd like to share. Expect choking up, frowns, smiles, and probably some venting because, well, moving sucks.

Just before April, my husband graduated from his tech school. He had high hopes for a quick job, as two big companies showered him with interest at the school job fairs and had even set up phone interviews. He convinced me to pack up everything we owned in a livestock trailer we bought so we could head out to Idaho, where both companies were located. We'd go have a quick week with my in-laws, stop by both companies and see which one offered the better job package.

You guys, they both turned him away. Devastation, confusion, and frustration ensued.

This lead to a frantic and massive job search in five states, and all from a 35 foot RV where our family of four, a ferocious cat, and an energetic terrier dwelt for going on 33 days. It took three weeks to find work, but the depletion of funds kept us there until the first paycheck and our previous rental's deposit came in the mail. My husband is currently commuting an hour each way.

Now those of you that know me personally (or for longer then a few months via twitter or facebook) know that I'm a glass-half-full type person. My faith and my family keep me afloat, and years as a navy wife have made me resilient.  But this was tough. The property we're staying on is in the armpit of some Northern Idaho mountains, where the fastest internet available moves slow as molasses in a cold February. I'm not over exaggerating. Of course, it is during this limited accessibility that I'm trying to maintain our only income, and that two of my freelance clients ask if I can take on more hours. Hours I need to keep my family from floundering. Oh and did I mention that I have an agent now, one who thankfully wasn't as demanding of edits as I was making myself of work?

Okay, venting aside. All this to say that as writers, especially cooped up and strung out amateurs (moi), we need to be completely and utterly okay with being patient and optimistic. That's really the only way to get through life, but especially in the writing industry. Without creating our own happy moments and staying busy when waiting takes forever, we'll spiral into a deep and dark place. I know, I've been there. Recently.

If you are the praying or finger-crossing kind, please do so for our family. We look at a rental much closer to my husband's new employment place today. Less commute, more internet access, it all adds up to settling down. And then I can be online with all you wonderful, writerly friends more often.

By the way, I'm not sure why but my book giveaway last Monday had ZERO entries. I was in complete and utter shock. So I've extended it another week. Please, please, please check out the interview, book review, and info to enter here. It's for a wonderful cause and an awesome read!

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