Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bartles Go Fund Me Auction Item #22: ARC of BOOKISHLY EVER AFTER by Isabel Bandeira

About this item: An ARC of BOOKISHLY EVER AFTER when it comes out this fall.

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 Isabel Bandeira 
Growing up, Isabel Bandeira split her time between summers surrounded by cathedrals, castles, and ancient tombs in Portugal and the rest of the year hanging around the lakes and trees of Southern New Jersey, which only fed her fairy-tale and nature obsessions. In her day job, she’s a Mechanical Engineer and tones down her love of all things glittery while designing medical devices, but it all comes out in her writing. The rest of the time, you’ll find her reading, at the dance studio, or working on her jumps and spins at the ice rink.
Isabel lives in South Jersey with her little black cat, too much yarn, and a closetful of vintage hats. She is represented by Carrie Howland of Donadio and Olson, Inc.

In a perfect world, sixteen-year-old Phoebe Martins’ life would be a book. Preferably one filled with magic and a hot paranormal love interest, like the ones that she reads obsessively. Unfortunately, her life probably wouldn’t even qualify for a quiet contemporary, but at least she has her books.
Everything changes when Phoebe learns that Dev, the hottest guy in the clarinet section, might actually have a crush on her. For advice on a personality overhaul, Phoebe turns to the heroines in her favorite books. Becoming as awesome as her book characters isn’t as easy as it sounds, and when another girl nets Dev for herself right from under Phoebe’s nose she’s crushed.
Then, to up the suckage even more, she gets assigned as his co-counselor at a sixth-grade camp where they are both volunteering and has to spend an entire week attached at the hip to the one guy on the planet she wants to avoid. Can she make it through the potential danger of romantic bonfires and nature walks without Dev figuring out she’s still not over him, or will her counseling career end in emotional disaster? Can she ever go back to her happy world of fictional boys after falling for the real thing? There isn’t a book on her shelf that covers that, and Phoebe will have to figure it out all by herself.  Will she end up in the friend zone, or will things work out…Bookishly Ever After?

Starting Bid $10

TURN AROUND TIME: Please allow two weeks for query critiques + 1st chapters, four weeks for partials, and six weeks for full critiques. Donors will discuss turnaround times with winners. All winning bids are guaranteed. Should some unforeseen event happen, money will be returned to winner or the winner may choose to have Emily Moore provide the critique.


  1. I've been dying for this book. It sounds amazing.

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  3. Crystal hasn't claimed it, so Michela is welcome to it. Please pay on the gofundme page and email me. Thanks!