Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bartles' GoFundMe Auction Item #10: Query Critique by Dakota Shain Byrd

About this item: A single pass query critique.

Donated by...
Dakota Shain Byrd
Twitter @shainbyrd

A believer in the magic of words and the change they can create, Dakota Shain Byrd's passion for writing bloomed when in the first grade he had to write a story about a little yellow chick that had lost it's mother--that little yellow chick ended up becoming a space knight and rescued his mom from a world eating dragon. From then on it was down the Rabbit Hole at full speed. A fierce lover of all things epic, stunning, and awe-inspiring, Dakota has often said, "My favorite films and TV shows are all space operas or scifi, my favorite novels are usually grounded in magic, and I love for both to have some form of romance to them, even if it's a side character's romance instead of the protagonist's." In line with that mentality, Dakota loves diversity and is totally LGBTQ* friendly--he's threatre student, a member of RWA and NTRWA, has written for and interned with The Dallas Voice, is a graduated Fellow of the Lambda Literary Writing Retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices, was mentored by author Malinda Lo at the aforementioned retreat in the YA/Genre workshop, is blessed to be working with Rebecca Yarros on his manuscript, and is a card carrying member of #TeamFabulous! He's working on placing his first novel, a YA urban fantasy about a young man who's journey to become a mage is complicated by his best friend's disappearance, accusations of treason, and whispers that he killed her for her magic.

Starting Bid $10  

TURN AROUND TIME: Please allow two weeks for query critiques + 1st chapters, four weeks for partials, and six weeks for full critiques. Donors will discuss turnaround times with winners. All winning bids are guaranteed. Should some unforeseen event happen, money will be returned to winner or the winner may choose to have Emily Moore provide the critique. 


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    1. Hi Andrea, I just wanted to let you know that I made a major mistake on the editing of this post. Its supposed to be a query critique. However, I can do a complete manuscript submission package in Dakota's place or you can change your bid for simply a query critique. Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. The winner is: Andrea Luhman with a bid of $40.00. Please pay for your auction item by entering it on the GoFundMe campaign here: After you make your donation, send your email address to When we’ve verified your donation, we will send you information on how to claim your item. You have 24 hours to place your donation or the item will be given to the next highest bidder. Thank you!

  3. Emily are you willing to do the manuscript package? I need that more right now.