Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bartles' GoFundMe Auction Item #6 - Marketing Consultation by Dea Poirier

About this item: A couple hour marketing consultation, which can include advice on building audience for website, SEO, website usability, and email marketing. 

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Dee Poirier

I’m an internet and email marketing professional located in the Orlando, Florida area.
Above all else, I have a passion for email marketing — Weird right? Second to that, ecommerce. Improving conversions, following trends, forecasting, these are the things that make me tick.

I’m turning my thirteen years of experience with usability, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and e-commerce into tips that can help you improve your business.

Why? Because I want to see more marketing that works. I love nothing more than seeing a great campaign that moves me. Whether it moves me to buy, click, or just interact.

I’ve also spent years in the development and design trenches. This gives me an intense focus on usability and conversion rate optimization through design.  Most importantly, I make websites that work for customers. Clicks are worth nothing if they don’t become dollars.

Some of my previous clients include fortune 100 companies, as seen on TV products, entertainment icons, and giants in the travel, healthcare, and ecommerce industries.

If you’re looking for an email marketing consultant – I’m not currently seeking clients. If you want to reach out anyway, feel free. However, if you are in the travel industry, I’m sorry but my current commitments will prevent me from doing any consulting for you.

To contact me, please email me here.

Starting Bid $10

TURN AROUND TIME: Please allow two weeks for query critiques + 1st chapters, four weeks for partials, and six weeks for full critiques. Donors will discuss turnaround times with winners. All winning bids are guaranteed. Should some unforeseen event happen, money will be returned to winner or the winner may choose to have Emily Moore provide the critique. 


  1. The winner is: Stephanie with a bid of $35.00. Please pay for your auction item by entering it on the GoFundMe campaign here: After you make your donation, send your email address to When we’ve verified your donation, we will send you information on how to claim your item. You have 24 hours to place your donation or the item will be given to the next highest bidder. Thank you!

  2. Stephanie hasn't claimed it, so Shari Schwarz is welcome to it. Please pay on the gofundme page and email me. Thanks!

  3. I'll take this one too if Shari hasn't already taken it.

  4. Stephanie, Nope she hasn't. It's yours if you still want it! :0) Please pay the bid and email me.