Monday, January 18, 2016

Help Me Help Others to Help You!

It's only mid-month and already I feel like I'm drowning in blessings. As far as professional ones, I'm in awe of the influx of editing business that started the first of the year. So far, I've had four amazing clients that have honored me with their trust and their words.

I just want to share the love!

So, in addition to the January Editing Specials I've already announced here, ($10 off editing services for 2015 NANO participants) I'd like to give back even more to the writing community. For every client that hires me after my fifth one, the Query Helper will giveaway one query critique. If by some amazing happenstance, I'm hired by ten clients by January 27th , I'll give away two (2) Contest Entry Edit Packages just in time for #SunvsSnow, #PitMad, and many other upcoming contests in Spring 2016. 

These $30 value packages include 2 passes on any two(2) of the following contest entry types:

  • First 250/ First Page
  • 5 x Novel Tweets
  • Query
  • 30 word plot summary
  • 60 word plot summary

So please pass the word on to any friends that are needing my editing services or anyone that needs help with their NANO project from last November. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter and my blog to stay in the loop on when the giveaways happen as I'm hired.

Thank you again for all the help I've been given. I'm so excited that now I can pass it on to others!

Click HERE to tweet: Need an editor? Hire @egmoorewriter by Jan 27 to jumpstart #QueryHelper & Contest Entry Critique Pkg #giveaways. Details: RT

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