Monday, January 4, 2016

What Do You Want to Know About + January Editing Specials!

I hope all my readers had a joyous and bright New Year's Eve!

I've been making mental lists of all the fun new topics I'll be writing about in the coming year, and reflecting on all the fun I've had in the previous one. Interviews, book reviews, contests and fundraisers, editing others work, but most of all the comments from readers have been my favorite part. So I'd love to know what you'd like to read about in 2016. 

Freelancing or fiction writing topics?Favorite book reviews and giveaways?Interviews with authors, editors, publishers, or readers?Personal essays about being agented and the struggles that are part of submitting from that place? Public reviews or breakdowns of queries, synopses, or chapters? 

What are your writing goals this year and how can I help you achieve them? Please tell me in the comments or email me at emilygmoorewriter

Be sure to come back next week for my first book review of 2016, as well as on January 18th to learn all about taxes for freelance writers and/or novelists.

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January's Special is Mostly for National Novel Writing Month 2015 Participants!

If you wrote a novel during NANO last November, then you'll receive $10 off any of my editing or freelance coach services. I promise that novel you wrote and all its submission parts aren't ready to go to an agent or publisher yet, but I can help you get it in top shape in no time!

I'll share a secret: this actually means a single pass query critique for all 2015 Nano participants! To get yours, simply send your query via email to emilygmoorewriter with the subject line: Query Helper NANO Critique.

If you decide to do a triple pass query critique, the $10 off still applies, so you'll pay only $15 for three critiques!

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