Monday, February 15, 2016

14 Online Blogs & Websites I Love + Giveaway!

In honor of that amorous holiday we just celebrated (or avoided) yesterday, I thought it only fitting to share some of my favorite writerly blogs and vlogs with all of my readers. Each and every one of these have helped me on my writing journey.

I'm also having a post-Valentine's Day giveaway! Show any of these blogs love by checking them out, subscribing to their content, or connecting on social media, and you'll get an entry into my giveaway below. Prizes include a $14 Amazon Gift Card, a Contest Entry Edits critique ($30 value!), and a Query Helper Critique just in time for the start of online writing contest season!

#1: Writability/ Bookish Pixie

Ava Jae has been an encouraging and informative speaker (vlog) and writer (blog) on a variety of topics related to fictional writing. She's made me laugh numerous times and has been where I've been, making me feel less alone on this journey we call writing. Plus, her posts are usually fairly short, making them a quick read or listen amid my busy lifestyle.

#2: Kidlit411

If you write for children like I do, then Kidlit411 is a must for you! Between fun author interviews, book giveaways, and market information you need to become a frequent reader like I am. It's always entertaining and they have lots of tips and tricks that can greatly affect your writing for all children book age categories.

#3: YAtopia

I may be a bit bias of this one, seeing as I'm the blog assistant. But the group of writers that contribute are a wonderful group of peeps at all different levels of writing with insightful and funny posts. Seriously, just subscribe!

#4: Literary Rambles

Literary Rambles is one of the main places I've won ebooks! In addition to the freebies, I love reading their reader interviews. First hand accounts of what young readers love about the books they read help me figure out trends and encourage me in my writing. Plus, there is almost nothing cuter than middle graders (they're my favorite!) talking about books and ending their excitement with all those exclamation points.

#5: Kidliterati

This super fun kid lit review blog often helps me add to my ever-lengthening to-read list. What's great about it is that many of these books aren't the heavily marketed ones so I get a wonderful variety and lessor known authors get exposure too.

#6: Sub It Club

Due to the fact that they don't post often, I don't get on this blog often. But when I have questions about anything related to submissions, when I was researching agents, or just need an encouraging interview of a successful author, I occasionally get on here. 

#7: Denise Vega Market News You Can Use

Okay, okay, technically this isn't a blog per say, but I love when I get this one in my inbox. I took one of Denise's picture book workshops at an SCBWI conference in Colorado a few years ago. She is an amazing writer, has some serious knowledge about the industry, and is just a genuinely sweet person. I've enjoyed interacting with her and her eNewsletters are not only respectful of my time, but also full of fun and informative topics.

#8: Jami Gold, Paranormal Author

I love the thought provoking posts on Jami's blog, and how well they often correlate to what I need help with in the moment. Plus, her books are fantastic. Fair warning, you start reading, you won't stop.

#9: Michelle 4 Laughs - It's in the Details

I may be a bit bias since Michelle is my favorite -and only- writing mentor ever! She fell in love with one of my manuscripts and took me under her wing. As well as she can encourage, Michelle can inspire and impress. Her blog plays witness to this with interviews, book releases, and as host to several online manuscript contests each year. Her novel KINDAR'S CURE was magical and the end twist was well delivered.

#10: The Writer's Nook, Tiffany Hofman

This is a recent favorite. I've come to know Tiffany on various social platforms and in some of my favorite Facebook groups. Early this year, she announced the creation of a new online contest and I volunteered to participate as a mentor. Since then, I've been scoping out all her content and I have to say I'm impressed.

#11: The Kindle Book Review

Can you say giveaways? Seriously, this blog has single-handedly doubled my book collection in 2015. It's a best kept secret I'm sharing with you right now.

#12: Better Novel Project

I'm a pantser, at least until I took on a YA Fantasy trilogy with too many moving parts. Then I needed help. The Better Novel Project breaks down these parts into chewable pieces and gives examples from three major novels: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight. We're talking characters, plot points, sub plots, you name it. Plus, the blogger's voice is fun and entertaining as she teaches you her observations.

#13: Brenda Drake

She's been dubbed the online writers contests queen, and with good reason. As a host of some major ones and all the participation she has each year, its no wonder her blog now has an assistant. I always appreciated her interviews with authors from the contests and book cover reveals and release announcements. This blog was one of hope for me, a place to remember that I can do this crazy thing I'm attempting.

#14: Word Count Contributors - Yeah Write and #WritingChallenge

Both of these awesome site groups kept my word count climbing when I just didn't want to. The encouragement I needed was just a few clicks away, and even the likes on my posts got me itching to write whenever I let myself lag.

Twitter - hashtags include month abbreviation+ writingchallenge

Now for that giveaway!

The Rafflecopter link below has over 20 ways to get your name in the hat for those awesome prizes I mentioned above...

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What are some of the blogs or sites that have helped you on your writing journey? Let's share them in the comments below!

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