Thursday, April 14, 2016

#CPFest Meet and Greet, Plus Query Critiques in anticipation of #FicFest!

I'm getting more and more excited for the approach of the first annual #FicFest, a mentor contest for authors of completed manuscripts. Writing contests of this kind have a special place in my soul, and I firmly believe that it is this community of writers and those that create these contests that make publishing dreams a reality. (I'm a product of a wonderful contest by host Brenda Drake and a fabulous mentor Michelle Hauck, read about that here.)

It's my turn to give back, this time as a leader for a picture book team! If you're thinking of entering your picture book manuscript in FicFest, check out my team wishlist here and submission guidelines here.

I'm also going to be a part of the pre-FicFest fun in the interview happening this Sunday, April 17th at 7pm -10pm EST. FicFest hostess extraordinaire Tiffany Hoffman will be throwing (literally through the screen!!! haha) questions up on twitter with the hashtag for us to respond to, and prospective entrants will also be able to ask the mentors questions to see who will be the best fit for their work. 

Start working on those questions now. I want some really fun ones mixed in there!

The Meet & Greet will open on Monday, April 18th. The day following FicFest's Q&A.

This blog is for Picture Book and Middle Grade Writers only.

If you write Young Adult, your Meet & Greet is happening on Amanda's blog.

If you write Adult or New Adult, your Meet & Greet is happening on Judi's blog.

How this works

All posts for YA writers will be in the comments of Monday's post. You are welcome to comment however you like, though if you are specifically searching for a CP, you should make sure to include your critiquing style, maybe some favorite authors of yours, what sort of critique you are looking for, etc. You don't have to be entering Ficfest to post in the CPFest.

Free Query Critiques by FicFest Mentors

In celebration of #FicFest's fast approach and #CPFest, Amanda, Judi, and I have decided to add some more fun to the mix. We're each giving away 5 query critiques, one for each day of next week! To get your name in the hat, click the rafflecopter link at the bottom of this post, and I'll be randomly selecting five. With the winners permission, I'd also like to have the queries I critique up on my blog to help those prepping for Ficfest to use as examples to fine tune their entries!

Best of luck and see you on Sunday for the #FicFest Q & A!


  1. Great idea Emily, and thanks to all the mentors in advance for their time and patience! :) Kellie

  2. Okay, I thought I'd wait for someone else to go first (maybe you're all just as nervous as I am to go first), but here goes.
    I write MG fantasy and I'm looking for CPs to tell me if my latest edits are worth anything (aka is my opening interesting now?)
    You're free to tear my MS to pieces, I don't care, as long as you don't feel bad if I don't listen to all your suggestions (or any of them). CPs have helped me so much in the past - just to hear what other writers think is soooo helpful.
    Please contact me via twitter @Amira_Ke