Saturday, May 28, 2016

#FicFest Fables #2: Slush As Told in Tweets

Has it really been two weeks already since the big #FicFest reveal? I've been so busy with critiques and getting to know my mentees and LIFE that I nearly forgot to continue my #FicFest Fables series. Here is part two where you get to know exactly what the slush held, what I thought about as I perused it.

Did you see all the fun stats on the first annual #FicFest submissions? 

Was that tweet about my entry???

I've been a hopeful entrant in contests past, so I know how every tweet with a hashtag of the contest name or your category can leave you wallowing in self doubt and strangely hungering for more. I'm going to do what I always hoped the mentors in the contests I participated in would... tell the entrants which posts were about what entry. (Please note, this is not meant to hurt any feelings or call anyone out. Totally subjective. I am a single voice in a large and diverse publishing/agenting/mentor field!)

How Do You Love?

21 Sandwiches

 Pomeroy Tours the Jungle

 Mario Defario

Dog Show Dropout

Bear's Winter

Jack's Packed

Lighting the Way

Tiago de Lupolo En (Tiago Hops On)

Story Box


Drac Lets in the Light

Mabel Fairbanks: Rising Above

When the Paint Runs Out

Sneakers are not Food

 Finn, The Misunderstood Shark

Get Set Rufus

 The Witch Babysitter

Bedtime Kiss for Little Samurai

Sandwiched between a brother and a baby (so real)

Ticka Ticka Tap

She's Not my Mom


Lighting the Way

Humpty Dumpty Decree

Give This to Daddy 

 Push, Poof, Pop!

 Mina and the Monsoons

ZZZs at the Zoo

 A Wallful of Murals

Operation Photobomb

Anton Takes a Walk

Twirl Bella Twirl

 I Am Famous


A Meaty Trick or Treat

Trailer Park

Armstong and Sputnik

One Drip One Ocean

Drawing Ayoka Wild

Wanted:  A Friend for the Queen

Granny has a Secret

One Drip One Ocean 

The Claustrophobic Caterpillar

The Last Letsgoboy

The Artist and the Carp

 T-Rex Troubles

I am Not A Unicorn

Be sure to come back for part 3 of #FicFest Fables on the trends I saw in the slush!


  1. Thank you so much for doing this! You gave me the lift I needed today.

    1. Chris, happy to help! Authoring is a lonely endeavor if we don't help each other. :)