Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year, New Words, and a New Perspective + A #QueryHelper Giveaway!

It's week two of 2017. So far I have....

Worked, shoveled snow, cut firewood, and drove my new truck a lot....


Mentally written some....

And edited very little.

But its all perspective.


I've connected with over 400 people since NANO ended on November 30th. 

Hi you all and thank you...

to those of your that participated in the NANO blog hop hosted by Raimey Gallant. I'm happy to read your words and know you may be reading mine!

I've connected with my daughters at the expense of some computer and TV time, and those memories are invaluable.

Recently I've learned...

As with some other things, less words can have more impact.

Hard work pays off.

Being Organized has perks
(sometimes, let's not get crazy with the sticky notes and folder tabs!)

So I promise my readers this year my blogs will be...

Short, Impactful, and Valuable

And hopefully some good news of publication will be in there too!

Let's start 2017 off "write" with a #QueryHelper Critique Giveaway just for NANO 2016 participants!
(As promised in November, and yes I know that was six weeks ago.)

Please comment with your NANO username, what you'd like like to know more about from my blog, how best to connect with you if you win, and what word project you're working on right now. Winner will be chosen at random.org on JANUARY 31st, 2017! Please share on your social media profiles!

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