Thursday, January 12, 2017

Storystorm Part 1: Are you participating?

I don't know if you heard, but Tara Lazar's #PiBoIdMo was transformed into #storystorm

and in January 2017 authors all over the world (including moi) are attempting to come up with a new story idea every single day. That's a lot of creativity.  We're about halfway through the month, and I will will be sharing a few of my ideas in a later post, but I wanted to see who else I know is participating and encourage others to jump in on the creative brain stewing, even if the official registration is closed.

Even if you only get 

ideas, that's more than you had on December 31st. 

And who knows where those ideas will lead you?

A Desert

Or a Rainforest

Or a neighbor's yard

Or outer space.

Or just finish that other idea you had!

Tell me if you're participating and the fun idea you're most excited about so far, or just share about other projects your working on. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below or via email.


  1. I've already written a rough draft of one of my Storystorm ideas! I also rewrote a story per your comments that didn't make it into your contest last year. It's much better now, but HUGEDINI is a "bad" dog story and they're not an easy sell. I'm also working on a revision of a MG novel that I put aside. Thanks for your comments; they really helped.

    1. Sheri - I remember that story. I don't think the "bad" dog should be discouraging unless several agents or editors say so. I'm so glad my comments helped.

      I've got two storm story ideas that I'm excited about but I haven't had s chance to write them out yet.

  2. This is my third year participating and I've got 17 ideas so far, one of which I've already started a rough draft.

    Good luck with your story ideas.