Monday, February 6, 2017

Discussion:Hello new writerly friends! Let's swap ten things.

I've had a lot of new friends via the #Nanobloghop subscribe to my social media and blog. Until now, most of my readers have been writerly friends I've met face to face or critique partners that I've been interacting with for years. It's been a pleasure to connect with so many creative, amazing people walking the same walk I am, word by word.

One such friend is Wendy Knight, and in her welcoming email for her e-newsletter, she offered ten fun facts about herself and encouraged us to respond with ten things too. I sent her a list and it sparked a really fun conversation that made me smile.

I want to reciprocate that on this blog post. So here are the ten fun facts about me that I want to share!
  1. I love almost every green vegetable and know how to cook most of them from raw state.
  2. I'm not a huge animal person, but I can sit and chat with the elderly all day, every day.
  3. I could live on ice cream, tea, and red meat. 
  4. I deal with depression, and am so thankful for my religion and family for helping me through it.
  5. I have a husband, six chickens, two daughters, two dogs, a cat, and most recently we've added an adorable bunny named Oreo to the hobby farm.
  6. I love fishing. This may or may not be due to my love of the water, and most certainly is due to my father being a fishing tournament champion.
  7. I gave up coffee six, no - seven, times since December 31st. It's a problem.
  8. My family and I are big puzzle people. There's almost always one on a surface somewhere in my house. Its a wonder we don't lose pieces, but it rarely happens.
  9. I'm a health and wellness advocate, and use holistic medicine as much as possible. Need herb or vitamin suggestions? I may have an answer. Curious about essential oils? I'm an open book with lots of resources. Want some interesting stories about healing a body with food? I've got a heap... starting with healing my body from hormone imbalance and fixing my body to get pregnant.
  10. I solemnly swear I won't judge anything you say or do, or I will at least see situations from all sides. I always do. It makes decisions hard sometimes.

Please comment with one or more fun facts about yourself, or ask me questions about one or more of my ten things.

Let's not just click the like, tweet, and subscribe buttons! Let's encourage each other, share our success, our experiences, and our words! We can start right here in the comments of my blog! I'd be honored!


  1. Your house is busy!!

    I hate coffee, but love coffee flavoured things, like cake and chocolate. I love my greens too.

    Trying to think of anything fun about me........... (Yes, I know, far too any ellipses :-) )

    1. Hi Annalisa, it's great to meet you! I'm the same way with coconut. In that case though, I think it's a texture thing. :) I don't mind the ellipses.........

  2. How fun!! I might steal this for my blog to get to know people better! I would love to see some pics of your animals! Oreo sounds adorable! I grew up on a farm with 100 rabbits, but they were used for their fur and we eventually ate them. :(

    My favorite animals on our farm were the horses and the goats. You have a lot of animals for someone who doesn't think of themselves as an animal person! :D

    Sorry to hear you suffer from depression. I do as well and it can be quite hard.

    Thanks for opening up! This was great!

    1. Amy, hi it's nice to meet you! Absolutely share on your blog and let me know when you do. I'm not an animal person but my husband and oldest daughters could make the grumpiest monster adore them. :)