Saturday, April 22, 2017

#FriendReadingSwapChallenge : Why You Should Join the Fun!

Readers tend to find what they love and stick to it. Why wouldn't they devour books by authors they love or those convenient "buyers who liked X buy Y" links at the bottom of Amazon pages? There are only so many hours in a day, right?

Still, readers may be missing out on something. As writers, we often find it easy to only read what we're writing to help inspire or to figure out comp titles.

A good friend of mine and I met up at pub for a quick mom's night out, and we got in a passionate conversation about the books we love. Both of us love fantasy genre, but we realized that we'd only read several of the same books outside of the big name and classics such as Tolkien, Rowlings, and Marillier. My friend had never heard of Jenetta Penner or Eliza Tilton or Lori Lee or Michelle Hauck. She'd never laughed out loud at Randy Henderson's urban fantasy series or cried for Ellie as she discovers her Curse of Ash and Iron. My friend had never rooted for the Traitor Knight or learned how a horse thinks from Dun Lady's Jess.

Apparently, I was missing out on some awesome, fast paced, bad ass heroines and unique worlds.

We both looked at each other about like this:

So we dug through black hole, mom purses and dug out crumbling crayons and scrapes of paper, and made each other each a list of books or authors we loved. Then we swapped them with a promise to check out each other's favorites and report back.

I'm going to start reviewing my friend's suggestions as I read them, and hashtagging #FriendReadingSwapChallenge


Connect with a friend who doesn't read quite what you do. They can be a hometown bestie, internet buddy, or someone from your past, whatever.

Then, swap favorites reading lists of at least ten titles or authors. Then read them and either post, review, or blog your feedback. (Make sure you do some sort of intro too!) 

My list is:

Ilona Andrews - Kate Daniels Series
Kim Harrison - The Hollows Series (at least two)
Patricia Briggs - Merry Thompson Series

Pierce Brown

Mary pearson
Sarah J. Maas
Anne Bishop (Vision in Silver and Written in Red)
Leigh Bardugo

Lee Child

I have a feeling I'm about to discover some places I may never have considered going when I get into these novels. I'm super excited.

Have you ever read a suggestion that you might have overlooked before? Tell me who you're swapping lists with in the comments below or Click Here to Tweet:

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Happy Reading!