Literary Upper Middle Grade Contemporary Novel
Currently Seeking Representation

Twelve-year-old Dom has a knack for swindling kids out of their allowances and talking them into cleaning out the chicken house. When Taylor moves in next door and picks a fight, Dom shows him what’s what. A girl Dom doesn’t know comes to town, and he wastes no time impressing, and even kissing, her. This summer in Millville is his for the picking.

Then, while out squirrel hunting, Dom stumbles onto an argument between a local outcast China Jin and a deputy. He’s sure it has to do with the drugs being sold behind the Saw House Deli and being floated down the creek in coffee cans. Before he can sneak away, he witnesses China Jin stab the cop and then command his ferocious dog to finish the job.

Unsure of whether China Jin saw his getaway, Dom has nightmares and ducks out of sight every time he spots the China man in town. Soon, Dom convinces himself that the murder never happened. That is, until Taylor’s pocketknife and Dom’s boot prints, identical to Taylor’s, are found at the crime scene, and Taylor’s arrested. Dom must decide whether to swallow his guilt and let an annoying, if innocent, jerk go to juvie, or take the stand and risk his own life and freedom by revealing what he knows.

Multicultural Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure
Currently in Revisions

All twelve-year-old Native American Annalee wants is to find her missing dad. When she’s whisked from danger to her tribe’s spirit world by her long-eared guardian, she is shocked to learn that her dad is also trapped in World Above the Sky.

Annalee quickly discovers that a pair of soul-eating ice giants intend to abduct her, just as they did her dad. Armed with her dad’s crescent talisman and aided by spirits from unfamiliar tribal legends, Annalee battles the growing evil in World Above the Sky on her way to a hidden fortress. The ancient Grandmother living in the fortress will know how to rescue her dad. Each struggle on the way gives Annalee more confidence, intensifies a strange light inside her body, and builds purpose in her heart.

If the ice giants capture her before she reaches the fortress, they’ll use her talisman to rule both Earth and World Above the Sky. But if Annalee kills them, her dad will die too. To outwit the monsters, Annalee will need to use every ounce of courage and intelligence she has, and embrace the spirit of the moon daughter rising within.

SAMANA'S FLAIR (Book 1 of Flairian Series)
Young Adult Fantasy
Currently being Drafted

When 17-year-old Samana escapes from the cliff city at the sacrifice of her friend Dimeriz, she finds a home as a human healer’s apprentice. Her flair, the mark over each mature Flairian’s heart, allows her to save and protect souls, but it’s temperamental.

Mistrusting of everyone, including Vaku, Samana’s old flame turned rebel, and still unsure of her place in the Flairian society, Samana and her master are called to the city to heal the pregnant queen. Turns out, the queen is Dimeriz, tangled in a political plot decades in the making.

When the rebels attack during a public ceremony, both Vaku and Dimeriz are fatally wounded. Samana must decide who to save and pray to the Great Essence that her flair works in time.

A SOUL AND A SONG (Book 2 of Flairian Series)
Young Adult Fantasy
Coming Soon!

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