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As one of Salt Lake City’s newest and top independent systems integration firms, we focus on service and customer satisfaction above all. Our certified engineers’ strong background and proven track record in database development, networking, and computer programming helped us break seamlessly into the systems integration market in 2009. Since then, we’ve delivered customized systems for local and national clients in a variety of commercial and industrial businesses.

As dedicated professionals, we select advanced products and continually improve our services to meet emerging needs of our current and future customers. These improvements keep us committed to providing cutting-edge technology and superior customer service.

With a solid reputation in integration market and successful projects in the most diverse industries, we can offer extensive communications and security knowledge. By creating a fitted system, we reduce the typical costs of new technology, leaving money in your pocket for other business necessities.

If you’ve discovered mild breaches in your secure documentation, have found unexpected visitors in areas they shouldn’t be, or feel uneasy leaving your facilities late at night, it might be time to consider implementing protection or upgrading the system you already have. We are here to help. Contact a service representative today to set up your consultation!

Capabilities Page

Consulting and Design
We can start you from the ground up, customizing every detail to your specific needs, or upgrade your current systems to fulfill your business’s growth. Whether you are looking for more than your existing system or a less complicated one, we have the knowledge to serve you.

Our certified engineers provide professional consultations to make sure our clients have perfectly tailored systems. Whether it’s IP networks, corporate intranets, or detailed networking solutions, we can transform your needs into well-hewn tools, tools to connect your employees, protect your interests, and help you expand as a company. We merge personalized products and services to meet the specific requirements of our clientele. No matter the platform or technology, if you require it, we can provide it!

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Without their trust in our abilities and gratification in our business, we wouldn’t be thriving in the I.S. industry.

From the first point of contact, you are welcomed as though you’re already a customer, and we will strive to make you one. From major changes to tiny tweaks, your suggestions will be added to the drawing board until you are completely content with the plan to successfully connect and protect your company.

The present economy is creating a need for flexible structure and highly-technological organizations. Right sizing is a must. Our work will reflect and adapt to your business’s current culture and structure. We will develop procedures to ensure optimal systems for you.

Service and Installation
Our expert teams deliver a variety of innovative systems from small applications to large building security.

We provide lower costs and fewer inconveniencing outages with fast pre-diagnosis. In addition to the pre-diagnosis, we provide location analysis, stage our equipment, and prep the site.  This helps both us and our clients prepare for implementing the design.

Network and Communication Systems
Our innovative solutions and services are cost-effective and lessen risk to our partners’ infrastructure. Our recommendations include state-of-the-art IP networking, intranets, and customized communication products.

We provide access control, intrusion detection, and video surveillance that lock our partners’ data and business up tight.

Network and Communications Systems Page
We strive to help our partners organize individual computers to be more productive, economical, convenient, and competitive. Along with technology, communication is key to a business’s success. Strengthening an organization’s ability to relay, update, and retrieve data strengthens its reliability and services. We deliver the sort of smart, full spectrum infrastructure systems businesses require.

By providing network consultation and design services that permit your business to maximize your communications budget. Whether you want to incorporate traditional IP networked systems, corporate intranets, or other vast technology communications products, our recommendations will be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Communication security is as important as the communication itself.  We provide encryptions, transmission security, and emission security. These measures safeguard your phone calls, emails, faxes, and other communications from being intercepted and exploited.

Security Systems Page
Securing data is vital to the health of any organization. We provide safety for our partners by layering permissions in their files, as well as discovering and detaining malicious intrusions. Fully integrated security systems ensure your system will accommodate expansion. We do more than supervise; we prevent intrusion and protect your assets.

Access control, surveillance and communications all help us detect unwanted intrusion. Recognizing weak points in security procedures will ensure we button up any concerns our clients have.

Access control allows you to be aware of who is in your facility. Our electronic options help you track employee access, prevent unauthorized quests, and restrict access between persons with electronic gates and barriers. With our biometric options, you don’t have to worry about regenerating cards that have been lost or resetting passwords. Biometric identifications with iris scans, facial recognition and fingerprints create reliable and secure access to restricted areas of your business. Traffic reports can track and monitor the comings and goings of employees and guests to your facilities.

Surveillance is another of our specialties. These services include advanced video surveillance capabilities and manpower to patrol facilities inside and out. By placing modern surveillance cameras at multiple, optimal locations (depending on the client’s needs) and adding perimeter lighting, we aid guards and police in preventing, documenting, and responding to unauthorized entry. Fiber optic transferring of images, cluster management access points, and integration of power systems add up to reliable data transmission. You will rest assured knowing that everything is secure.

Security Communication and Alarms are the inner most layer of protection we offer. In the unlikely event that all other measures fail, the advanced alarm system options we can arrange will alert the right authorities to stop an intruder in their tracks. You control who receives the alarm notification and what measures are taken from that point. Wireless or radio style devices keep guards and police aware of your facilities’ or data’s environment and security, and help them to work as a team when it’s breached to apprehend the intruder.

About Page
As a fast-growing company with a spotless reputation, we leverage our technology expertise to partner with our clients. Our goal is to deliver a cost-effective and quality system that fits the needs of our customers and decreases system risk.

We only use innovative products and constantly improve our skills to meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers.

With a solid reputation in the systems integration market and successful projects in the most diverse industries, we can offer extensive communications and security knowledge. By creating a fitted system, we reduce the typical costs of new technology, leaving money in your pocket for other business necessities.

Careers Page
Our company stakes its reputation on the values of self-sufficiency, collaborative work, diversity, and excellent customer service. These values make our company strong as a whole, both in the work we do and the reputation that will keep us employed far into the future. We pride ourselves on hiring high caliber employees with these values, as well as varying experience in their field and methodical, above average skillsets.  They exhibit the abilities to work both independently and within a team setting.

With our expected growth, we are continually searching for new additions to these areas: electrical engineering, network engineering, sales and business development, and web development.

Our employees are just as content as our customers. If you are looking for a company with a top-rate reputation locally and nationally, a high retention rate, and that offers opportunity for career advancement, please consider the available positions listed below.