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The 2014 literary summer season kept me busy with contests, writeoncon, and manuscript revision. By the time the dust settled into September, I'd come to the realization that I absolutely loved writing queries, especially helping others to prime them for submitting to agents and publishers.

So I decided to giveaway query critiques in occasional batches. By doing this, I'm helping my writerly friends and practicing for my own queries.

Check back on my blog from time to time for your chance to win a query critique or follow me on twitter @egmoorewriter and keep an eye out for my Query Helper Giveaway tweets!


What participants are saying about Query Helper:

Thanks for your review of my query! I appreciate it! I'm taking your comments and using them to help polish it up even more. Those agents won't know what hit 'em. ~Hayley S.

"I feel like ever since you have helped me with this, my query is really shaping up. I used to have almost 400 words, but now I only have about 280, so I think that's an improvement. Thank you so much." -Larissa K.

 "This is great! Thank you so, so much! Love your mash-up of the two [query] versions. Will likely go with most of your suggestions. Thank you again for taking a look at the second version and sending the additional critique!" -Missy B. 

"I can't say thank you enough. I knew my query needed work, but couldn't really put my finger on where or what, and you've really helped me get it all into shape. Hopefully now I can snag an agent!" ~Kelsey S.

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