Writing Sample #3 - Children Toy Description and Accompanying Storybook

Title: Bath Time Dolphin Toy Set and Story Book


Get ready for exciting fun with the popular and stylish Tern and Daphnity dolphin bath toys! You’re little bathers will embark on an ocean journey with this pair of dolphin pals and their booklet of stories to act out.

These floating and squirting bath cuties ride the waves with your little swimmers help. Their smooth pink and blue flippers, fins and bodies are made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials.  There’s no need to worry about that hot plastic smell, as the redesigned of these bright-eyed toys is toxin free. Bath time has never been this safe!

Tern and Daphnity dolphin toys and their stories encourage creative play, togetherness, affection, and discovery. Once you’ve read the fun stories included with the dolphin toys, let your child use their imagination to make up his or her own.

This adorable swimming couple and storybook are perfect for kids of all ages and both genders. They make delightful gifts for birthdays, holidays, or baby showers.

We protect your bath toy investment with a no-hassle free replacement guarantee. Click the button at the top of the page to bring the best water experience to your sweet babies’ bath time.

Story #1
Splishity, splashity
Meet Tern and Daphnity,

The pals were born on the same day.
They love to whistle and whirl and spray.

Twirling down in oceans deep
Or up into turquoise skies they leap.

Tern’s brightest blue and Daphnity’s rosy pink
They’ll be your friend, what do you think?

Story #2
“Be careful,” Tern’s mom firmly said.
“Pay attention to rocks or you’ll bonk your head.”

Daphnity and Tern wiggled away,
And hardly heard what she had to say.

They twisted ‘round columns and mermaid homes
Laughing and chasing, they never noticed the stones.

Chase became tag and Tern was bumped.
Into a large ridge his soft noggin thumped.

He shook it off and rushed straight to his Mom,
And quickly told her, “You were right all along!”

Story #3
Daphnity and Tern hardly noticed how near
They’d gotten to a sandy beach and its pier.

Heading back out to the sea, they found a beach ball.
T’was riding a wave with a heave and a fall.

Tern nudged it one way, Daphnity another.
They swatted it back and forth to each other.

They whacked it with tails, bopped it up in the air.
It became a favorite toy that they could share.

Soon it was sunset, and Daphnity asked
“Did someone lose this in the waves so vast?”

Tern replied, “I never thought of that.
If someone owns this, we should give it back.”

We found it by the beach, so let’s return it.”
They changed direction and took off with it.

They swam just as fast as they could
To the white, sandy beach where a little girl stood.

Daphnity threw the ball up onto the land
And the little girl grabbed it with both of her hands.

Then she smiled and ran away from the sea.
Giving the toy back made both dolphins happy.

Story #4
Something twirled the water and roared above Tern.
He swam toward the surface and discovered a stern.

(A stern, so you know, is the back of a boat).
Daphnity was there, and Tern started to gloat.

“That boat may be fast, but I am faster.”
Daphnity giggled and followed after.

They leapt and flapped and trailed far behind
As it flew toward an island dock of some kind.

The dolphin friends slowed for a little break,
For their flippers and tails has started to ache.

“Faster, huh?” Daphnity teased her friend,
Who chattered sheepishly ‘round an isle bend.

Story #5
Daphnity and Tern’s large family pod
Were chasing breakfast, a school of cod.

When Tern saw a tasty treat;
A pale squid he wanted to eat.

He nudged Daphnity so she would see.
They swam after it when it started to flee.

It plunged through the ocean turning this way and that
Moving all around like a large water bat.

Soon it slipped into some island side coral,
As the pals looked for it, they ate some saurel.

Never finding the appetizing squid,
Right back to open water they slid.

But the dolphin calves realized they were lost
“We shouldn’t have come,” Daphnity bossed.

“Let’s ask for directions,” Tern suggested.
They found a starfish, and to him requested.

He smiled and spoke with a song and a hum,
“It’s quite simple to go back from where you’ve come.

Go that way to the stone shaped like a star
Then swim far to the south to a rainbow sand bar.

From there, ask Mr. McCrab if he’s seen
The school of cod with a special, green gleam.”

The dolphin pair thanked him and did just as he told.
They soon found their family, and got a small scold.

Story #6
One sunny day as the dolphin pals played
They heard the tearful cry of a mermaid.

They searched up and down, here and there,
And soon caught a glimpse of swaying blue hair.

It drifted from between some rocks of a reef,
Surrounded by long, green seaweed leaves.

“What happened?” Daphnity decided to asked.
A sweet voice answered, “It tangled as I swam passed.”

Tern and Daphnity rounded a bank corner
And caught sight of the beautiful mourner.

Her golden eyes sparkled like her rainbow scales
And lines of pearls ran from her neck to her nails.

Her hair clung tightly to stone and flora
She looked mad as a shark despite her bright aura.

Tern and Daphnity tweaked and jerked,
And finally the mermaid’s hair came unworked.

“Thank you, oh, thank you!” The mermaid cried,
“I was going to a wedding, I’m the bride!”

“You two are so kind. Will you come?”
“We’d be happy to!” the flippered pals said with a hum.

Story #7
Tern and Daphnity’s pod felt a coming storm,
The air and the water began to warm.

They all moved ahead of it, mixing with others
Manatees, whales, seals, and one another.

Tern, Daphnity, and their mothers stayed to the surface
Needing to breath was their very big purpose.

A big blue whale came up and bumped them,
And in a grumpy tone he humphed at them.

“I wonder why he is so darn crabby.”
Daphnity noticed his back, wide and scabby.

“Those look like they hurt,” Tern replied.
“Let’s make him some bandages!” Daphnity cried.

They gathered seaweed, algae, and sea flowers,
And came up to the whale, who still wore a glower.

“Hello Mr. Whale, we made this for your back.
If you will let us, we’ll gently place each pack.”

To their surprise and delight,
The massive blue whale smiled real bright.

“Why thank you,” he rumbled,
And by their kindness, he was humbled.

“I’m sorry I bumped you and at you roared.”
“It’s okay,” the pals answered as they rubbed his sores.

“That feels much better, now it can heal.”
“You’ve helped me so much with my ordeal.”

“We were happy to help,” Tern replied.
“Now let’s get away from the storm that we spied.”

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