Monday, October 9, 2017

Guest Q&A: Natasha Raulerson, Winner of Writer's Digest Writers Competition

Everyone please welcome my special guest Natasha Raulerson!

I don't know if you've heard, but she recently found out that she won 2nd place in the

Literary / Mainstream Category

As soon as I found out, I had to introduce you all!
Why I haven't had her on here already remains a mystery.

In addition to this big win, she was chosen for #Pitchwars and was a host for Whiskey, Wine, and Writing (#WWWriting). She also offers editing services (see link below.)

EM - Can you please tell everyone who you are and how you know me?

NR - Hey guys! Hope all is well. My name is Natasha Raulerson. I write adult fiction and I'm represented by the amazing Laura Bradford of the Bradford Literary Agency. I'm lucky enough to have met the amazing Emily Moore via the Twitter and Pitch Wars community a few years ago. She also reached out to me to help edit a short story for an anthology, which was a fun project!

EM - How/why did you decide to enter?

NR - Honestly, I entered on a whim. I received an email from Writer's Digest that it was the last day to enter--or something like that. I was on the fence about submitting I, Alphabet--a story I wrote in a fiction workshop class--and opted to ask my husband what he thought.

"Enter it," he said. "It's not like they announce the losers." 

Which meant, if I didn't win, it's not like I had to tell anyone about it. Fair point. So, I entered.

EM - Which manuscript did you enter, and can you tell us about it?

NR - "I, Alphabet" is a short story that has somewhat of an odd format. It revolves around a young woman explaining her life by using the ABC's--only her alphabet isn't in order.

Congrats to all the winners!

EM - How long have you been working on the manuscript that won?

NR - I had been working on it for several months. I submitted to my workshop and got two rounds of revisions through that, and then went through a final round once the workshop was over. 

EM - Can we get your favorite line from the entry?

NR - A single line is a bit hard, so I'll go with my favorite letter if that's okay.

"Z is for zapper. Like the bug zappers that people put on their porches. It sizzles every time a bug hits it, signifying another murder, death, kill of the insect world. It was the background noise when I finally confronted my father. When I asked him in an odd state of Zen why he hated me after the fire."

EM - Have you submitted the manuscript to editors or agents in the past?

NR - Nope. I hadn't submitted to magazines or anything. Just did this on a whim. 

EM - What do you consider your writing style?

NR - Eclectic, I guess? I don't know. I'm not sure I have one style. It's always changing depending on what's needed for the piece. I, Alphabet is the first piece I wrote in this particular style, and the best I could even call that is experimental. 

EM - What's your favorite drink/snack to enjoy while writing?

NR - During the day probably coffee. If I'm writing at night, I'll generally have a glass of wine or whiskey. 
EM - What's your favorite book?

NR - Something else that always changes. Most recently, I've become obsessed with the James Bond books. I'm taking a class on it, and it's just a really great series. 

EM - What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

NR - Mint Chocolate Chip

EM - Girl after my own heart! Well thanks for stopping by! Everyone be sure to check out Natasha's links and connect with her! 

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