Thursday, May 15, 2014

My latest WIP

My wrists need a massage! I have been hard at work writing my latest WIP entitled SAMANA'S FLAIR, a YA fantasy.  I started the first chapter months ago, and putting it aside because the idea hadn't fully formed in my mind yet.  

But waiting on my critique partner while she tears apart DOM SANDERS left me time to focus on it.  And I am super excited to share a small excerpt with all my readers.  Keep in mind, this is a rough, rough, rough draft. :)  And please feel free, as always, to leave me a comment!

The nimble ruler danced around his road block and rushed down the hallway toward the alighted arch which led to the gardens. His man Mavey, a tall and silent stone of a servant, awaited him there, a cup of brew steaming on a simple tray in his hand. The king removed his hair cord and shirt, laid them over the manservant’s arm, and sipped at the hot drink offered him. The sweet tang of honey and earthy bite of sage slathered his tongue and made him sputter.

“Privacy, Mavey,” he stated, and received a curt nod in return.

Nearly nothing did the twenty-two year old king’s heart more good than the refreshing walk through his garden. It boasted the only lush landscape in the entire world: twined in vines, adorned in ornamental grasses, and bedded in floral design, fragrant all. 

But today, this green gift of the Great Essence could not overpower the guilt that had riddled its way into his mind through the previous night’s dreams. It taunted and tugged at him in shifting shadows to the sounds of horrific screams, and jerked him awake with sweat on his brow and remorse in his chest.

Tucked behind a glacial pool sat the holy building where King Ropay spent most of his time. His destination was thus, and he wasted no time getting there. The only solid door in the entire fortress groaned in welcome as he pressed the wooden face inward.

As soon as he shut himself up inside, he turned to face the dark and whispered, “Tudatsi? Priest, are you here?”

When no voice replied, he exhaled and vigorously rubbed his ears until their peaks ease back to their normal, round shape. The persistent itching he endured all day finally ceased, and he relaxed like tea seeping into water. He heard the faint gurgle of the holy fount at the back of the space as his sight adapted to the dimness. He could barely make out the God’s Hand alters as he ambled past them, but he knew the curve of each wrist and finger better than he knew his own limbs. Pausing at the third left alcove, he nodded at the Giving Hands tipped toward him and muttered a thank you before moving forward again.

At last he reached his purpose, the Great Alter where six trails of Blessed Water exuded out of a zenith hole in the mountain wall and welled in a basin below. Here he knelt, letting his fingertips dabbled in the liquid, attempting to cool the anguish coursing through his veins.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Linky#5 for The Writer's Voice... Coaches, look here!


I am seeking representation for my 32,000-word MG fantasy adventure novel entitled MOON DAUGHTER RISING.

All twelve-year-old Native American Annalee wants is to fit in at her new school in Maine, and to find her missing dad. But when she crawls through a tree into her tribe’s spirit world, and meets her furry guardian, she is shocked to discover that her dad may be imprisoned there, in World Above the Sky.

To free her father, she’ll need to seek the counsel of two ancient grandmothers, who are hidden away in a warded fortress. But when Annalee discovers a pair of soul-eating ice giants intend to abduct her, just as they did her dad, she realizes she needs more than the grandmothers’ wisdom: she urgently needs the safe haven of their fortress.

Armed with her dad’s crescent talisman and aided by figures from forgotten tribal legends, Annalee battles to get to safety.  If the ice giants capture her, they’ll use her talisman to rule both Earth and World Above the Sky. But if Annalee kills them, her dad will die too. Outwitting the monsters will compel Annalee to use every ounce of courage and intelligence she has, and to embrace the spirit of the moon daughter rising within.

MOON DAUGHTER RISING is rooted in Micmac tribal myth and culture, and features several of their legends. I believe it will appeal to fans of Bruce Coville’s UNICORN CHRONICLES and Sage Blackwood’s JINX.  It is a stand-alone novel, but has series potential.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


The dark-shrouded forest outside Annalee’s new home felt dead.  The eerie quietness made it feel as dead as the police claimed her father must be since he hadn’t returned from it.  Annalee laid awake fiddling with her long, black hair and wondering if she would ever see him again. How could a twelve year old get through high school, go on living really, without her dad?  Especially here, in the cabin her grandfather had built and her dad had grown up in?  It hurt too much.
An unearthly howl cut through the silence, followed by a thump, thump much closer. It made goose bumps ran up her arms. It shrilled once more, then thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. Too scared to leave the safety of her bed, Annalee huddled under the covers, hoping that the nightmare would stop. But the rhythmic pounding continued, and she heard a soft whisper vibrate like a kazoo, “wuzz, wuzz, wuzz” answered by a deeper voice that said “wizz izz muzzo, wuzz.”  The second voice tugged at her memory, reminding her of a noise she heard on a walk in the woods just this morning.  Blue, glowing smoke floated through her curtains and caressed her face.

When Annalee awoke hours later, she glanced at her clock and leapt out of bed.  She was late! She’d ask her mom if she’d heard the strange noises later.
            She slid into her desk just as the final bell rang. Several girls in front of her snickered.

MDR Made the Lottery List

On my last post, I mentioned giving MOON DAUGHTER RISING one last chance in The Writer's Voice contest in part hosted by one of my favorite literary bloggers Brenda Drake. After an agonizing day, both of waiting and excessive babysitting, I am pleased to announce that my name was on the list!  So the next post you see on here will be trailed by the coaches fighting over my entry, or so I hope.

Good night all!