Friday, September 26, 2014

Query Helper Giveaway Now!

Hello all and welcome back! It's that time again...

Query Helper Time!

The first five people to comment with an answer to the question below will get a query critique this weekend. I'll do my best to get the first round back by Sunday. Be sure to check out The Query Helper page for participate testimonials on my help! (If nothing else, you'll get excited!)

So tell me...

Do you have a genre or age group you'd like to write in, but don't feel like you could? Why or why not?

Be sure to leave your email address in your comment!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Inspiring Yourself

You often hear of writer's coming onto ideas from outside sources: a girl playing in the park, big or small events in history, their childhood (shoot, I did that with the novel I'm currently querying). But I recently inspired myself in two ways, first by digging into memories and second intentionally seeking out experiences to cultivate story ideas.

About a week ago, my husband and I moved the items in our small storage unit to a larger one so we'd have a place to store our outdoor recreational vehicles in the Wyoming winter weather. I decided to crack open a box, and discovered some albums and notebooks filled with pictures from my early family vacations and snippets of writing I'd jotted down. A bit of a story began to take shape in my head.

 Almost a month ago, my mom asked if she could ride back home with me to help with the driving and my daughters. And on the way she wanted to stop and see her Father. I insisted if we were going that far south, we might as well stop and see some historical sites. Seeing the Aztec dwellings near my grandfather's formed a foundation for the story I'd barely started.

Ways such as these can help a writer spark their own creativity. Drawing from items or experiences of your own pave the way for a plot rich in personal details, emotions, and rev up all the senses. Have you ever fired up your own writerly genius? Has it lead to a novel plot or other creative processes?

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Query Helper - Giving Away 3 Critiques today!

It's Friday! You know what that means!


The first three people to comment below with their email and their answer to the following question will get a query critique:

That is your punctuation nemesis?

Mine is the comma, this week.... Looking forward to the answers and working with whoever comments!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 Books That Have Affected Me

A one, fabulous Ms. Hayley Stone tagged me well over a week ago to write about ten books that affected me in some way. (Click her name above to go to her fabulous blog!) To be honest, I had no idea how to narrow it down to just ten. So bear with me and keep in mind that I have dozens more that I love.

1. Into the Land of the Unicorns 
This is one of my all-time favorite novels. I read it over and over and over until it fell apart. Then I taped it back together and kept reading it. Yes sir, I still have the same copy awaiting my daughters. Something in Cara's determination and curiosity, plus the mystery surrounding the Hunter made her feel like a friend to me. At my tender age, it gave me hope that I could do anything, just like Cara.

2. My Sister's Keeper
I read this much later in life (because, you know, I'm so old at twenty-eight). The emotional depth and sly narrating that made the twist at the end happen totally suckered me in. I loved this about all Jodi Picoult's books.

3. The Constant Princess
This was the first of Phillippa Gregory's novels I read, and I soon devoured every single one. She fed my love for historical novels with her vivid imagery and distinct development of every character.

4. The Talking Eggs
My earliest library memory was of the Hayfork Elementary Librarian reading this picture book to my class as we lounged on the ragged green and orange carpet. The details and the moral of the story stuck with me for life.

5. Tumford the Terrible
This hilarious picture book with a sound lesson is my youngest daughter's absolute favorite, so much so that I have it memorized. And I love it too. My mother-in-law sent this in a string of Nancy Tillman books. That tradition started with....

6. On The Night You Were Born
...this one! It has beautiful illustrations, sound truths about the value of each person, that happy gut feeling, and tears every read. Mix that with the struggle I had birthing my oldest daughter, who received this as a baby and you know its on my favorites list.

7. Anne of Green Gables, etc...
I loved these sort of early classics, but Anne takes the cake! Plus, the love/hate relationship Anne and Gilbert have sort of resembles me and my husband's friendship growing up together. Hilarious with a happy ending. 

8. Daughter of the Forest
If you love fantasy, especially with a fable base, and you haven't read this book and it's additional series titles, go get it right now! In my opinion, Juliet Marillier is a master story teller. Her vivid imagery and superb characters make this a page turner.

9. Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts
This book helped me through some hard emotional times, including the bout of depression that eventually lead me back to writing and kick-started my freelancing and fiction career. Some deep questions about not only about God but being honest with ourselves and trusting in His plans.

10. Persuasion
If I had to chose an all-time favorite classic, Persuasion would win every time. Jane Austen is subtly witty, and her books' messages still translate into situations in our modern world. I like all her books really. Persuasion just happens to be my favorite. Forget Mr. Darcy. Captain Fredrick Wentworth is "much handsomer, how infinitely more agreeable..."

And there you have it, the ten books that bolstered my reading habit and kept my love of literature alive until I decided to write my own.

Commenters, what was your earliest library memory? What book was a part of it?

It's my turn to tag a few people. I chose Shari Shwarz, Brian Montanaro, and Jessie Mullins. I can't wait to read your book picks. If you need a place to post, feel free to put your picks on a guest post here at E.G. Moore Freelance and Fiction! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Query Helper: Look for the bonus!

As promised, today's the next session of Query Helper!

Why today? Mostly because I love my Pitchwars peeps, and this giveaway is just in time for tomorrow's Pitch Madness! We want to have some serious awesome to send to the agents cool enough to favorite our pitches! For more info on Pitch Madness, click here.

I'll critique the queries of the first five people that comment on this post with their email, and who answer this question:

If you had to choose between Wizards, Genies,or Unicorns, which would you choose and why?

But it gets better! Because you know what? The first person to respond will also get the bonus of help with twitter pitches if they need it!

DON'T FORGET to leave your email address, or I can't guarantee that I will get query in time to critique it by tonight!

Please retweet!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just call me The Query Helper!

First off, thank you so much to all the awesome #pitchwars and writerly friends who retweeted my Query Helper offer last week. For those of you who are looking at your screen kinda funny, I volunteered to critique the queries of five Pitchwars participants that didn't get chosen by a mentor. This popped up because during WriteOnCon, I really enjoyed helping people with their query letters.

Don't fear all the red!

Last week, I took seven fabulous writer's queries and helped them as best I could. And. I. Loved. It. So I got to thinkin' maybe this should be a regular thing. I searched around to make sure "query helper" wasn't already a thing, and with google's reassurance, I have an announcement.

I've decided to be The Query Helper regular and often!

The next one will go live Monday, just in time to help whip those queries into shape for the awesome #pitchmad agent requests we are all going to get! So keep your eyes out for the hashtag #thequeryhelper, then swing back over here, comment with an answer to my big, burning question, and leave your email. I'll get back to the first five that comment with a request for their query! And I promise to get them all back by Tuesday, cross my query-lovin' heart.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Query Helper Giveaway!

Okay, so between #pitchwars and #writeoncon, I've discovered something. I absolutely love helping others with their queries! I know, I'm a weird one. But there's something about steaks --er--- stakes that gets me uber excited.

With this new found love, I've decided to help out five other #pitchwars peeps who don't get selected for mentor or alternatives in Pitchwars 2014. The first five people to respond with their email address and a comment below will get a free query critique and a mild amount of brainstorming from me. To qualify, answer the following question: What was your absolute favorite part of Pitchwars this year?

~ ~ ~

Please keep in mind, I write MG and YA, and love fantasy, sci-fi, and historic novels best. So I might be better at these types of critiques. But I am willing to look at anything.

Disclaimer: I am an unpublished writer, so this is NOT a professional critique, just friendly help. Please take any and all my advice with a grain of salt and use what works for you.

And remember, keep writing!