Editing Services

If you're needing a second (or third, or four, or fifth, or...) set of eyes on your manuscript or query, you're in the right place! I'm now offering limited editing services. Before you contact me, please see my packages below. Also, please note that I only accept payment via Paypal.

Single Pass Query Helper Critique - $10
Turn Around Time - Same Day

Triple Pass Query Helper Critique - $25
Turn Around Time - Next Day

See what people are saying about my query edits here.

Contest Entry Edit -  $30
2 passes on any two(2) of the following contest entry types. Can be split between two contest entries.
  • First 250/ First Page
  • 5 x Novel Tweets
  • Query
  • 30 word plot summary
  • 60 word plot summary

Picture Book Manuscript Critique - $35
2 passes on your picture book manuscript. I will give in-line edit suggestions plus up to a 1 page report with suggestions on writing device use (rhythm, rhyme, word choice, imagery) and any other suggestions about overall story.

First Page/ By Chapter Line Edits - $30 initial fee + $4 per page
Turn Around Time - Up to 30 days or per project projection

Designed to break up manuscript into chunks so you can pay as I edit. Depending on state of the manuscript, this process can be very time consuming. My comments will include spelling, grammar, phrasing, telling, as well as irregularities in plot, pacing, repetition, character personality and matching actions, and story details. All of these will be noted in a 1-2 page report included with in-line manuscript critique. I will also make rewrite suggestions within manuscript document. I might also recommend resources or writing exercises to help with issues repeated throughout manuscript (telling/showing, inconsistent character personality, passive writing, etc...) This will be similar to a critique partner's response.

Please Note:
- Not a copy edit.
- Chapter books through young adult only.

30-Minute Interactive Pass Session - $5 Add-On
This is offered for anyone who'd like to do one of their passes for any of the packages above interactively (google hangouts, skype, or phone) to personally get questions answered or work on a particular area of the work.

Early Draft One-Read-Through Edit - 0.0025 per word
Turn Around Time -  About 2 weeks.

If you've just finished a rough draft, this is the edit you need! It will focus on overall story arc, character development, plot holes and scene development. A 1-2 page critique summary will help guide you through a edits and/or second draft. Note: In-manuscript grammer, spelling, and rephrasing not included. All age categories.

Freelance Coaching - Depending on Project
Turn Around Time -  Depending on Project

If you've just getting your feet wet in the freelance market, and would like someone to look over a project in progress, I'd be happy to work with you. Whether its a ghost writing project with a section that has you stumped or an article you wrote that feels lacking, I can lend my expertise to give you some pointers or send you on the right track. Feedback can be in the form of in-line comments and corrections, a email with specifics, or a report. I will work to your convenience and work hard to help you meet your deadlines. Can also assist with markets to pitch projects. Please contact me with project specifics. Non-fiction & personal essays. My specialties include health and wellness, nutrition, holistic body care, spirituality and Christianity, parenting, and marriage.

*NEW* Social Media Marketing Coaching - Depending on Project
Turn Around Time -  Depending on Project

Does the idea of social media marketing give you the sweats? Or have you been avoiding it like the plague? If so, I can help take the anxiety away with some social media coaching. I'll introduce you to each social media platform and the basics on using them, introduce you to several scheduling and other tools to assist you, and give you tips on how to use them to really market your brand or your product! Please contact me with project specifics.

Contact Me
To get help with your project, please contact me at emilygmoorewriter (at) yahoo.com and put "Requesting Editing Services" in the subject line. I look forward to helping you!

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  1. Thanks for your help with my query letter! You gave me lots to think about and some good ideas. I appreciate your patience as I worked through the issues. Your services gave me the boost I needed, and you are a pleasure to work with!