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Letters From the Heart Blog Hop: To My Future Self

Have you heard about #lettersfromtheheart yet? I am seriously in love with this concept and I hope you will all consider contributing to it or checking out all the authors on the #Mondayblogs hop! See the list after the letter below to see who will be participating in the coming months and how to contribute!

I'll be writing several letters in the coming months, so be sure to check out all the posts periodically and see if you can figure out which ones are mine.
I chose this anonymously written letter because it really spoke to me. As someone that is a deep thinker and Christian, I'm naturally inclined to think about the future and what it holds, as well as interested in seeing how history plays out. The style is also similar to my own, so I could hear myself saying this in a narration. Please leave a comment with your favorite line from this letter!

Letter to My Future Self

When are you reading this letter, I wonder?  I can’t see you from where I sit.  Is it a few years from now, on a milestone birthday, as you sit and reflect on your life?  Or well into your dotage, when the physical world is smaller and harder to navigate, even as your mind stretches to cover great distances through time and memory. 
What will you say to me, I wonder? Will you tell me I was right to be scared of life?  That the world, in its hubris, succeeded in destroying empathy and compassion? That the noble concept of community, where we all accepted each other with our flaws and foibles, dwindled as the lights were turned out on us all? Every one of us living only for ourselves? Will I still feel alone, often lonely, always awkward and suffocated, sitting uncomfortably drenched in unspent potential? Did potential even exist for me or was it a dream? 
Or will you tell me I was right to expect kindness, of myself and of others?  That the journey was leading somewhere, that fate was guiding me carefully towards my destination. That my efforts to create intelligent, meaningful connections paid off. That I found love and love found me, in a million different ways, shapes and forms. That peace descended over life so completely that the unforgiving boredom of routine, the frustrations of work, and the mercurial moods of life’s companions never wholly succeeded in weakening my spirit or resolve. That I was able to see beyond the nonsense of daily existence, not assimilated into a culture of discontent and cynicism, but rather that I was right in trusting in life, in believing the universe to be open, benevolent and giving. 
Will you laugh at my fear, I wonder? Not mirthless schadenfreude, but a gentle laugh, a knowing laugh, an acknowledgement of my irrepressible mind?  A caring laugh partnered with a quiet whisper reaching back over the years, comforting me, willing me to have faith in the fact that simply by being here, I am enough. That I created myriad opportunities to bless and be blessed.  That I made a difference, significant and not, simply by existing. That each breath I took meant something to someone beyond myself. That my being able to draw breath actually began to hold meaning for me. 
Will you tell me to be healthier? To protect my physicality from the toll of all those childhood falls? Will you caution me to keep my heart strong and my mind stronger? Will you ask me to pay more attention, be present for myself?Will you cry for me, knowing I have not seen what is to come?  Will you advise me to stand still, not venture forward, take another path?  What regrets will you hold for me, what wisdom will you impart? Will you tell me to be more outspoken, more brave, take more risks? Or will you tell me to simply let go, accept that everything is unfolding just as it needs to. That life is simply life. That I am simply me. That everything contained within simply is. 
Will you chastise me for worrying so much? Will you shake your head at my timidity? Perhaps feel a swell of anger at the time I wasted in useless contemplation? Will you pick up on my missteps and mistakes, cursing me for not believing in myself? Or will you be kind to me – your younger self – understanding, forgiving and patient. Will you know this was the only journey I could take? The only way to reach you? 
Will you tell me I found happiness? That happiness is truly possible? Or will you tell me it is enough to settle into a comfortable contentment? Will you share that living moment to moment is all that is required to complete a life or enrich a soul? Will we reach the end of our life ready to leave? Will it be easy for us to draw our last breath? 
When are you reading this letter, I wonder? What words do you have for me?  I just can’t see you from where I sit.
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Guest Q&A: Natasha Raulerson, Winner of Writer's Digest Writers Competition

Everyone please welcome my special guest Natasha Raulerson!

I don't know if you've heard, but she recently found out that she won 2nd place in the

Literary / Mainstream Category

As soon as I found out, I had to introduce you all!
Why I haven't had her on here already remains a mystery.

In addition to this big win, she was chosen for #Pitchwars and was a host for Whiskey, Wine, and Writing (#WWWriting). She also offers editing services (see link below.)

EM - Can you please tell everyone who you are and how you know me?

NR - Hey guys! Hope all is well. My name is Natasha Raulerson. I write adult fiction and I'm represented by the amazing Laura Bradford of the Bradford Literary Agency. I'm lucky enough to have met the amazing Emily Moore via the Twitter and Pitch Wars community a few years ago. She also reached out to me to help edit a short story for an anthology, which was a fun project!

EM - How/why did you decide to enter?

NR - Honestly, I entered on a whim. I received an email from Writer's Digest that it was the last day to enter--or something like that. I was on the fence about submitting I, Alphabet--a story I wrote in a fiction workshop class--and opted to ask my husband what he thought.

"Enter it," he said. "It's not like they announce the losers." 

Which meant, if I didn't win, it's not like I had to tell anyone about it. Fair point. So, I entered.

EM - Which manuscript did you enter, and can you tell us about it?

NR - "I, Alphabet" is a short story that has somewhat of an odd format. It revolves around a young woman explaining her life by using the ABC's--only her alphabet isn't in order.

Congrats to all the winners!

EM - How long have you been working on the manuscript that won?

NR - I had been working on it for several months. I submitted to my workshop and got two rounds of revisions through that, and then went through a final round once the workshop was over. 

EM - Can we get your favorite line from the entry?

NR - A single line is a bit hard, so I'll go with my favorite letter if that's okay.

"Z is for zapper. Like the bug zappers that people put on their porches. It sizzles every time a bug hits it, signifying another murder, death, kill of the insect world. It was the background noise when I finally confronted my father. When I asked him in an odd state of Zen why he hated me after the fire."

EM - Have you submitted the manuscript to editors or agents in the past?

NR - Nope. I hadn't submitted to magazines or anything. Just did this on a whim. 

EM - What do you consider your writing style?

NR - Eclectic, I guess? I don't know. I'm not sure I have one style. It's always changing depending on what's needed for the piece. I, Alphabet is the first piece I wrote in this particular style, and the best I could even call that is experimental. 

EM - What's your favorite drink/snack to enjoy while writing?

NR - During the day probably coffee. If I'm writing at night, I'll generally have a glass of wine or whiskey. 
EM - What's your favorite book?

NR - Something else that always changes. Most recently, I've become obsessed with the James Bond books. I'm taking a class on it, and it's just a really great series. 

EM - What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

NR - Mint Chocolate Chip

EM - Girl after my own heart! Well thanks for stopping by! Everyone be sure to check out Natasha's links and connect with her! 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Two Firsts (Part 2) - First 9-year-old reading my book

For me, the fame and money would be nice, but really I just want to have my books be published so I can read it to children and see them reading it and loving it. That's the mental picture in my head. 

Last week, I had my first live pitch to an editor who asked for a full manuscript within two weeks. (Click HERE for the neurotic account.) I read through it once more, and sent it off to my agent and two friends for a last sweep.

One of these friends, Jeremy, promised to have his son, Coen, age 9, read it as well. I heartily agreed. 

Of course, I wondered if he would find it dull or worse, stop reading it. (That pesky self-doubt we all have.) Then I got an email from Jeremy that read as followed:

Coen's Notes:

PG.4:  Annalee All of a sudden leaves!?  Real Good Surprise!

PG.21:  Did the Dad Die?

PG.22:  Giant Rabbit?  Hopefully the Dad.

PG.26:  You wrote "a giggled escaped my mouth" instead of "a giggle escaped my mouth."



PG.76:  Those evil birdmen!  THEY WILL PAY!!

Coen read half of the story this afternoon, and wants to continue tomorrow.  

Overall, Coen says:

"It's surprising, funny, violent and awesome!"

Seriously, this made my day! He loves my realm?!? He's responding to all the tension just the way I hoped readers would!?! I did something right!?!? *flips through word doc to compare notes with chapters.*

Sunday, October 1, 2017

COVER REVEAL + PRE-ORDER DETAILS: Apricots & Wolfsbane by K.M. Pohlkamp

Apricots & Wolfsbane

by K.M. Pohlkamp

Available October 13, 2017

from Filles Vertes Publishing, LLC

Apricots and Wolfsbane Cover


Lavinia Maud craves the moment the last wisps of life leave her victim’s bodies—to behold the effects of her own poison creations. Believing confession erases the sin of murder, her morbid desires are in unity with faith, though she could never justify her skill to the magistrate she loves. At the start of the 16th century in Tudor England, Lavinia’s marks grow from tavern drunks to nobility, but rising prestige brings increased risk. When the magistrate suspects her ruse, he pressures the priest into breaking her confessional seal, pitting Lavinia’s instincts as an assassin against the tenets of love and faith. She balances revenge with her struggle to develop a tasteless poison and avoid the wrath of her ruthless patron.

With her ideals in conflict, Lavinia must decide which will satisfy her heart: love, faith, or murder—but the betrayals are just beginning.

Apricots and Wolfsbane Wax Stamp Graphic.png

Short Excerpt:

The violent display of convulsions lasted longer than I anticipated. With my boots propped on the table, I remember watching beads of wax roll down the candle, marking time between my victim’s spasms. The brothel room was sparse, and the bed in the corner remained undisturbed. I had assumed the role of temptress that evening, but delivered a different climax. I savored the fear on my victim’s face as much as my own unlaced mead. The sweetness of both danced on my palate. His repulsive gagging, however, I endured with patience. My target focused upon me. His hand shook, reaching out in a misplaced plea for aid. Instead, I raised my goblet in a final toast while he turned purple. He glanced towards his spilled glass, and then studied my face with new understanding. With his last remnants of life, he pieced together what I had done. Those little moments made the act so delicious. And as his body collapsed upon the floor, I added one more success to my mental tally. Murder just never got old. The scratching of my chair sliding across the uneven floor broke the sudden, serene silence of the room. Driven by curiosity, my boots echoed with each step towards my victim. The man’s eyes contained a lingering remnant of vibrancy despite the departure of the soul they once served. White froth percolated from his open mouth, overflowing the orifice to trail down his neck. It was not an honorable death, but my client had paid for certainty, not dignity. Curious, I examined the large ruby on the victim’s pointer finger which matched the client’s description — an ornate setting with a coat of arms on one side of the gem and a mare’s head on the opposite. The worked piece of silver did not seem important enough to procure my service, but as a professional, I had not asked for justification, only payment. Material significance so often motivated patrons to fill my coffers. I recognized the inherent sin, but I never judged a client’s reason. I was not qualified to cast the first stone. I did admire my victim. After all, he was a fellow criminal. I believed his talents as a thief must have been remarkable to pilfer the ring unnoticed from the finger of its owner. I often boasted of my own sleight of hand, but admittedly, I could not accomplish such a feat. Though in my defense, assassin clearly trumped thief. After donning the black leather gloves concealed within the lacings of my bodice, I returned to business. I pushed the tipped chair out of the way and pulled on the ring, but my motion abruptly halted. Caught at the knuckle, the gem did not budge. I stared at his limp hand, dumbfounded, before a flame of focus burst through my body. How I craved and savored that rush. That high, and the feeling of power, motivated my ghastly craft all those years. Despite the stress, I never lost control of my emotions on the job. No matter the circumstance, I learned to remain calm and reason through any dilemma. That night was no different. Grabbing the corpse’s wrist in one hand, I pulled on the metal band with all my strength. Still, the damn ring did not move, even with my heel braced against his chest. But through the sound of my grunting, the unexpected scratching of a nearby rat interrupted my efforts. The rodent stood tall on his hind legs, observing the entertainment outside his hole in the floorboard. What else could I do except laugh in amusement? There was something poetic about the meager creature being the singular witness to the growing farce, while beyond the chamber door, an entire brothel remained unaware. But their ignorance would not last for long. By God’s nails, I was not going to degrade myself to play tug of war with a corpse, nor disgrace my spit to serve as lubrication. I retrieved the dagger from my boot and sawed through the bone of the blasted digit. In contrast, his purse strings cut with ease and the contained sum gave me confidence the proprietor would retain his promised discretion. Eager to depart, I cleansed the ring with the pure decanter of mead and left the contaminated gloves on the table. I threw the finger to the rat.

KM Pohlkamp Photo
K.M. Pohlkamp is a blessed wife to the love of her life, a proud mother of two, and a Mission Control flight controller. Originally from Wisconsin, she now resides in Houston, Texas.

Apricots and Wolfsbane Full View Promo

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Two Firsts (Part 1) - First Live Pitch to an Editor

I just got back from an invigorating experience at the Idaho Writers League (IWL) 2017 annual conference. This year it was held in Pocatello, which really isn't a big, exciting city. In true Emily fashion, I made the most of it.

Our Travelodge was lackluster, but I only needed to shower and sleep in my room. The true gems of this place were the comfy chairs in the lobby and the bar with live music on Friday and Saturday nights. The first night was all Smirnoff and southern rock, and it was pretty much our small group of older white folk playing pool and dancing until eleven o'clock.

The second night, we were outnumbered in a sea of culture. A better known group speaking rapid Spanish and serenading couples with a saxophone put some mariachi rock out there. The dance floor was packed. I nursed wine that night, and was dubbed the pool shark. The name was hilarious since the seven games in a row that I won were accomplished through no fault of my own. My opponents kept following the eight ball with the cue ball into a pocket.

You didn't come to this post to read about the fun, but its important to remember the details when you journal, or so the Gary Eckhart said in his talk on journaling. I think its time I start treating this blog like one and see what happens.

Speakers at the conference!

I spent almost as much time learning about Idaho Magazine, writing fantasy, and book marketing as I did running around and accomplishing some of my IWL duties as state treasurer and Coeur d'Alene Chapter president. Checks needed written, votes needed cast for big changes, and I needed to meet a lot of people. It's amazing how writing can forge friendships.

Why would I drive eight hours just to go to a conference? Well, I am a leader, and I really really really enjoyed the carpooling with friends and the free writing time. (Seriously, I haven't written that much in one day in over a year, and I got to do it twice in four days!). The biggest reason in my mind was pitching to a publisher.

My three carpooling buddies Kathleen, Bill, and Jeremy!

Some of you know that I've had an agent for nearly two years now, and in that time I've written five novels, half a dozen picture books, and countless queries (my own and some of yours, too!). Small submission batches for the BIG publishers had already gone out via my agent, with some returning quickly and some not yet responding. When I saw the conference speaker bios and that I could pay for a 15-minute session, I had to check out the publisher.

I couldn't believe it. TWO of my books would fit right into their list. MOON DAUGHTER RISING was a middle grade fantasy with dark and family-based themes. They had also recently published some middle grade contemporary novels and had another one releasing, so ROWDY DAYS OF DOM SANDERS was another contender. This was my chance.

Twitter stalking was impossible, as the editor that was taking the pitches keeps a low profile on social media. I did check out their authors, excitement flaring at the pictures of book signings and readings plastered on their social media. That could be me!

My slot was scheduled about 11:00am when sweet Alice Dun of Pocatello chapter came with a slip of paper with 15 minute intervals in a list.

"How about 10 minutes from now?" she asked.

I quivered. I wasn't ready yet. I needed to go to my hotel room and talk myself straight. I asked her if I could have 45 minutes and she switched with me. I hugged her and rushed to my room.

Then I went back over my pitch and bio, as well as the blurb my agent told me to include with her take on the manuscript. I'd spent the last four weeks polishing it in case the editor wanted it next day. Those stories had been repeated to me by just about everyone I'd encountered and all our chapter members the week before at one of our meetings. I gathered my business card, my agent's business card, and the printed first chapter of the manuscript into a folder and pinned it all together with a paperclip. Deep breaths, ready. Not ready. No, no, I was ready.

I walked down the hotel hall with confidence, rocking my power outfit and heels. Preparation was my middle name. I had this.

I reached the coffee pot where it was far enough away to not intrude on the pitch in session, but close enough that they knew I was there and waiting. I was excited for my friend currently sitting with the editor, but he went way past his 15 minutes. I said a prayer and tried to hold still. A few friends walked through the lobby and into the presentations going on, each stopping to chat for a minute. They each calmed my nerves (thanks Lila, Jeremy, Larry, and Richard!).

Playing with the Conference props. Theme: Rendezvous

My turn! The editor (who must not be named) invited me to sit, and I perched myself on the edge of the plush, red wing-backed chair.

Make eye contact, speak slow. I reminded myself.

I was vulnerable. I told her that it was my first pitch session but that I was excited to meet her. I asked if she'd like to hear more about me or my pitch first. She asked for the pitch. So I took a breath and managed to get the pitch out, including word count, comparison titles, and my agent's words of praise. Then I told her how I decided to pitch to her because I felt my books would fit right onto her list.

She asked questions. I responded. We joked like old friends. She complimented me, asked about my contemporary novel ROWDY DAYS OF DOM SANDERS, and seemed interested. I gave her the folder. Then she complimented me on my pitch, preparation, and said I did great.



Guys, GUYS, this is what dreams are made of. I shook her hand and practically skipped back through the lobby. The rest of the weekend, my friends laughed at my dream face, like....


Jeremy even insisted on calling the chair I sat in during the pitch my throne, and made me blush more then once talking about what happened.

This could be it! I had to chronicle the experience.

So I've been doing another sweep through the manuscript and just sent it to my agent and a few critique partners for final read-throughs. Part two comes from one of these read-throughs, so if you haven't followed my blog yet, please do! You won't want to miss it! 

Hint: I've always dreamed of seeing a child read my book....

Saturday, April 22, 2017

#FriendReadingSwapChallenge : Why You Should Join the Fun!

Readers tend to find what they love and stick to it. Why wouldn't they devour books by authors they love or those convenient "buyers who liked X buy Y" links at the bottom of Amazon pages? There are only so many hours in a day, right?

Still, readers may be missing out on something. As writers, we often find it easy to only read what we're writing to help inspire or to figure out comp titles.

A good friend of mine and I met up at pub for a quick mom's night out, and we got in a passionate conversation about the books we love. Both of us love fantasy genre, but we realized that we'd only read several of the same books outside of the big name and classics such as Tolkien, Rowlings, and Marillier. My friend had never heard of Jenetta Penner or Eliza Tilton or Lori Lee or Michelle Hauck. She'd never laughed out loud at Randy Henderson's urban fantasy series or cried for Ellie as she discovers her Curse of Ash and Iron. My friend had never rooted for the Traitor Knight or learned how a horse thinks from Dun Lady's Jess.

Apparently, I was missing out on some awesome, fast paced, bad ass heroines and unique worlds.

We both looked at each other about like this:

So we dug through black hole, mom purses and dug out crumbling crayons and scrapes of paper, and made each other each a list of books or authors we loved. Then we swapped them with a promise to check out each other's favorites and report back.

I'm going to start reviewing my friend's suggestions as I read them, and hashtagging #FriendReadingSwapChallenge


Connect with a friend who doesn't read quite what you do. They can be a hometown bestie, internet buddy, or someone from your past, whatever.

Then, swap favorites reading lists of at least ten titles or authors. Then read them and either post, review, or blog your feedback. (Make sure you do some sort of intro too!) 

My list is:

Ilona Andrews - Kate Daniels Series
Kim Harrison - The Hollows Series (at least two)
Patricia Briggs - Merry Thompson Series

Pierce Brown

Mary pearson
Sarah J. Maas
Anne Bishop (Vision in Silver and Written in Red)
Leigh Bardugo

Lee Child

I have a feeling I'm about to discover some places I may never have considered going when I get into these novels. I'm super excited.

Have you ever read a suggestion that you might have overlooked before? Tell me who you're swapping lists with in the comments below or Click Here to Tweet:

"Have you joined the #friendReadingSwapChallenge yet? Find out more here @egmoorewriter blog: Please RT!"

Happy Reading!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Using Amazon Free Samples to Better your Writing

I have a confession. I may or may not be addicted to those free samples on Amazon. You know, the teasers you can download to convince you to buy the book? 

It’s a great marketing tool, and an awesome way for readers to decide whether or not they want to invest in the characters. For writers, it is also a fantastic way to really study the beginning of the competition. 

When I read these beginnings as an upcoming author, I like to look at the first line and see if it hooks me. Examining the sample allows me to figure out the best way to convince a reader that my words are worth their time and money. How does the author make the character or their plight memorable enough to warrant further reading? What unique features of the world or magic system (I love fantasy!) or government or society are highlighted so the reader is immersed? How can I apply those calculations or techniques in my own writing to make my agent able to sell my books to editors who can sell them to the public?

Do you utilize those Amazon samples as a reader or writer? Or do you study the beginnings and blurbs of books you buy? Have you ever done this to improve your writing and/or marketing strategy? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Study on Tragedy in Modern Literature and Drama

A few years ago, I did a shout out across the interwebs about modern novel tragedies. My latest (and still latest) project was going to be unique. I'd been reading young adult novels in an effort to understand the dynamics involved compared to the middle grade I'd been writing before and realized that mine would be unique simply because almost all YA had the hero's journey as its plot arc.

Mine flipped it on its head in the form of a tragedy.

At that time, I did some research, but I was caught up in the fervor of free writing the draft, my favorite part.

Now I'm in the trenches of my least favorite part.... editing.

And I was at a stand still until recently, when I watched this very helpful video on Youtube by lfrankers. Not sure exactly what she said that I'd never heard before, but between watching this and looking at a list of tragic movies in the last two decades, I understood this on a whole new level:

In Tradegies, the purpose of the character has to be stronger than the outcome, even death.


Some movie examples:

Man on Fire: The protagonist purpose is to save the girl he's supposed to protect. He trades himself for her, and dies to save her.

Blood Diamond: Leo D sets out to become famous, but ends up dying in order to save his partner so that his partner can save his own family.

Gladiator: Maximus wants to avenge his family. He battles and destroys all those involved, even though it means he dies at the end.

And we all remember the Titantic.

Some more recent literary examples:

We Were Liars: The entire time, the main character is trying to fix her family. Slowly, though the reader realizes something isn't right. Eventually, we learn that the protagonist has gone insane after the tragedy of the fire in which her and her cousins were trying to fix the family.

Of Scars and Stardust: Older sister acts as detective to find the wolf that killed her sister. As she finds more clues, she falls deeper into insanity. By the end of the book, you realize the truth is she was insane all along and she killed her sister. She's put back into an asylum.

What does this mean for my editing?

It means I'm excited because I finally figured out two very important things that will guide how I rewrite Rudger's Story.

1. His motive: To be a leader that unites the two races of his world.

2. He'll have to get there at the expense of his character, losing someone close to him, and losing his sanity.

In order to accomplish this, I'll need to up the tension of his guilt as he makes bad decisions, up the animosity with the current leaders that don't treat the other race well, and Rudger will also need more pressure from his family.

This also means my beginning needs a complete overhaul. But I already knew that!

Please comment and tell me a recent tragic novel you've read, or what you've learned during some of your own editing. I'd love to hear from you and I will write back!

Or CLICK HERE to Tweet:

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Discussion:Hello new writerly friends! Let's swap ten things.

I've had a lot of new friends via the #Nanobloghop subscribe to my social media and blog. Until now, most of my readers have been writerly friends I've met face to face or critique partners that I've been interacting with for years. It's been a pleasure to connect with so many creative, amazing people walking the same walk I am, word by word.

One such friend is Wendy Knight, and in her welcoming email for her e-newsletter, she offered ten fun facts about herself and encouraged us to respond with ten things too. I sent her a list and it sparked a really fun conversation that made me smile.

I want to reciprocate that on this blog post. So here are the ten fun facts about me that I want to share!
  1. I love almost every green vegetable and know how to cook most of them from raw state.
  2. I'm not a huge animal person, but I can sit and chat with the elderly all day, every day.
  3. I could live on ice cream, tea, and red meat. 
  4. I deal with depression, and am so thankful for my religion and family for helping me through it.
  5. I have a husband, six chickens, two daughters, two dogs, a cat, and most recently we've added an adorable bunny named Oreo to the hobby farm.
  6. I love fishing. This may or may not be due to my love of the water, and most certainly is due to my father being a fishing tournament champion.
  7. I gave up coffee six, no - seven, times since December 31st. It's a problem.
  8. My family and I are big puzzle people. There's almost always one on a surface somewhere in my house. Its a wonder we don't lose pieces, but it rarely happens.
  9. I'm a health and wellness advocate, and use holistic medicine as much as possible. Need herb or vitamin suggestions? I may have an answer. Curious about essential oils? I'm an open book with lots of resources. Want some interesting stories about healing a body with food? I've got a heap... starting with healing my body from hormone imbalance and fixing my body to get pregnant.
  10. I solemnly swear I won't judge anything you say or do, or I will at least see situations from all sides. I always do. It makes decisions hard sometimes.

Please comment with one or more fun facts about yourself, or ask me questions about one or more of my ten things.

Let's not just click the like, tweet, and subscribe buttons! Let's encourage each other, share our success, our experiences, and our words! We can start right here in the comments of my blog! I'd be honored!